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July 15 2011 | offbeatbride
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Vegan-friendly organic glow-in-the-dark nail polish?! HELL YES. Plus, if you're worried about chemicals in conventional nail polish, Keeki's products are totally safe for pregnancy!
I'm not going to lie: if you name your cosmetic lines after food, you're already halfway to having me as a lifetime customer. If you then turn around and tell me that all of your products are organic and gluten-free to boot, I'M SOLD — and I'm not even a big make-up kinda gal! Our sponsor Keeki™ Pure and Simple definitely lives up to their name — pure and simple.

I'm the type of person who can never really commit to just one color of nail polish. If the toes on my left foot are painted purple, the toes on my right foot will probably be painted green. I've been known to paint all ten fingernails a different color, and I like playing with shades of the same color. It's ALL fun to me — and can be for you, if you take advantage of the discount they're offering today!

Of course, Keeki™ Pure and Simple doesn't leave your lips lacking — their lip gift packs (which include two nail polishes and one lip shimmer) have names such as Moon Pie, Cherry Bomb, and Cupcake. On top of that, they sell individual lip balms, like the Orange Creamsicle Balm or the Root Beer Balm.

The Cherry Bomb Gift Pack includes four nail polishes, organic nail polish remover, and a lip shimmer.
I may or may not be daydreaming about this Orange Creamsicle Organic Lip Balm.

Keeki™ Pure and Simple seems to know just what to do with people like me — their nail polish gift packs are perfection. Each pack includes at least two polishes AND Keeki's own organic nail polish remover. Feeling a little trippy? Try the Neon Sprinkles Gift Pack! If that's not your style, they also have a Bubble Gum Gift Pack featuring delectable shades of pink. And, of course, I can't forget my favorite — the Blue Snowcone Gift Pack:

I almost feel like I can taste sweet snow cone goodness -- just by looking at it.

As mentioned, all of Keeki™ Pure and Simple's products are organic and gluten-free — so they're safe for you, your friends, and your kids. Keeki™ is not just committed to keeping you and your loved ones safe; by using only "good-for-you" components their toxin-free products have a low impact on our environment. In fact, even this cutie-pie 100% organic cotton tee is safe for everyone AND nice on the planet:

The Keeki Organic Cotton Tee.

Want to snag your own Keeki™ Pure and Simple delights? 'Cause you can!

DISCOUNT ALERT: Keeki™ Pure and Simple is offering 20% off to Offbeat readers: use code OFFBEAT20 at checkout!

With a discount like that, I fully expect to see a few shots of kiddos with rainbow or cupcake-colored nail polish in the Flickr pool! If you're not sure you like the combinations that exist, don't forget that you can customize your own gift pack with all kinds of deliciously-named goodies.

  1. This might be a dumb question from a non-mama…that caption on the top photograph says it's "nail polish you can wear while pregnant"… Is there a reason you can't wear nail polish during pregnancy normally?

    • Some people believe that the ingredients in regular nail polish are too toxic to be used during pregnancy. This sort of goes along with the use of various hair chemicals (relaxers, perms, colorants) during pregnancy.

      1 agrees

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