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February 11 2011 |
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There is a surprising lack of awesome party blogs on the internet, and this disappoints the awesome party hound which lives in me. Sure, plenty of design and living blogs have the odd party post, but where can one go to learn the true skillz of hosting?

New blog has nearly-daily posts on creative reasons to entertain — without the snobbery. Helen Jane believes that your guests will feel comfortable in your home if you, the host, are happy. Not a tense or competitive or nervous or perfectionist host — a happy host. Under this philosophy, she puts together quick, easy to read, no-fuss entries with useful info for readers.

And clearly, this hostess is geared toward the Offbeat Home — she reports that she's concerned with how we can accommodate smokers/vegans/meat eaters/coworkers/kids/pets/family at our parties, in between other work and play, with the tools we have on hand.

This makes ME want Superbowl Chili!
She's also got lovely eye-candy — most posts have at least one pen and ink and watercolor image by HJ.

Stop over to HJEntertains to catch HJ's useful tips, innovative recipes and practical how-tos to make your next party even more delightful for your guests — we hear she's got excellent tips for St. Patrick's Day! You can also follow Helen Jane on Twitter – she tweets two entertaining tips every day at @HelenJane.

  1. My biggest fantasy I have for my next living establishment is being able to host parties! This blog is simply marvelous– and she's an illustrator, too?! Pinch me!

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