Introduce your kids to meditation via your iPhone with the Mind Jar app

Updated Oct 27 2015
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Mind Jar is an interactive app that that wants to introduce Offbeat Mamas and their families to meditation. Designed with beginners in mind, Mind Jar was inspired by the children's book series Moody Cow, and in particular two books — Moody Cow Meditates and Moody Cow Learns Compassion. In the first book, Peter the Cow is having a bad day until his Grandpa comes over and teaches Peter to settle his mind by meditating. The book and the app both aim to make the idea of meditation fun and appealing to kids. Here's how (spoiler: there are sparkles involved!)…

When you open up Mind Jar on your iPhone or iPad, you're greeted with a jar and a couple different mindfulness exercise options:

  • Tap the jar: Tapping the jar adds a pinch of sparkles that double as time added to your meditation period — the more you want to meditate, the more you tap.
  • Shake the jar: You can also shake your phone to swirl the sparkles while you slowly breathe in and out as the sparkles settle to the bottom.
  • Bonus customization: Choose the speed at which the sparkles settle to customize how long you want to meditate — don't forget to pick the color sparkles you want. Sparkles as emotions? LOVE IT!

While the app is designed with kids in mind, Mind Jar could be great for family or solo use. Children can start up the app on the way home from a particularly challenging day at school, and adults can use it as an excuse to squeeze in a few solid minutes of chill-out time for themselves. For myself, I see a couple ways I would see Mind Jar feeling useful:

  • It helps create the space for calm: Living life can be stressful sometimes — whatever your particular challenge is, taking a few moments to allow your mind to relax may do wonders for your perspective.
  • It's easy to transport: A lot of people love the idea of attending meditation classes or retreats, but don't have the time. If your meditation aid is an app on your phone and your phone is always with you, meditating will be that much easier.
  • You and your kids can bond: If your entire family is using the app, you have great conversation fodder: what did your kid think about the experience? What did you think? Will both of you try it out again?

While the app is presently only available for iPhone and iPad users — sorry, fellow Android fans! — you can definitely check out check out the inspiration — both Moody Cow books are available for under $11 on Amazon. iPhone and iPad folks: you can score the app here! Here's to happy downloading, and even happier mind-settling moments.

  1. We love Moody Cow! When my kids need to calm down, they sit and read the book. We've thought several times of making a meditation jar, but reading the book seems to do the job for them.

  2. Come experience the 'real' mind-jar with creator, Kerry Lee MacLean, at the Boulder Bookstore, Wednesday, December 5th at 6:30! I'll be reading the sequel to Moody Cow Meditates: Moody Cow Learns Compassion.

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