Save the missing socks and bras! Use this Haus Maus Laundry Guard

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Who here has a washer and dryer? Who here has a growing pile of socks, bras, and undies behind them? That’s where our sponsor comes in to save all your accessories from disappearing into dusty, behind-the-washer oblivion.

See, Offbeat Home reader Julie Savalas decided to do something about her lost socks…

Stuff falls off the back and sides of the machines because the tops are flat, with no instrument panel on the back. It drove me crazy, I tried to find a product that would fix the problem (no luck in an exhaustive Google search) and decided to design a fix myself.

So she came up with The Haus Maus Laundry Guard!


Ditch the wire hanger/bra fishing line, and use The Haus Maus Laundry Guard to keep your stuff on top of the machine, not behind it. The Haus Maus Laundry Guard attaches to the top surface of front-loading washers and dryers with strong magnets. The unique hinged design adapts to fit either one or two machines, blends seamlessly with any decor, and still allows for easy access to your plumbing hookups.


You can get this nifty laundry helper right now at Home Depot — and check out those rave reviews! And start saving those socks and undies from going MIA.

Many thanks to House Maus for supporting Offbeat Home & Life by becoming a sponsor!

Comments on Save the missing socks and bras! Use this Haus Maus Laundry Guard

  1. Genius!! I wish I had a front-loading dryer! I bet this would be a great gift for new parents who suddenly have 8000 teeny socks and mittens to contain…

    • Note to new parents: if you launder your undies and bras in a lingerie bag, stick those baby socks in there, too. Those suckers are tiny and prone to escape or cling to everyone else’s clothes. I do this with my socks, too.

      • +1000 to the lingerie bag for baby socks! It has saved my sanity so many times. I might start giving them as baby shower gifts!

      • I do this for all of my socks & undies too! Nothing I hate more than missing socks, & keeping all small items together makes putting laundry away so much quicker & easier. I keep a mesh lingerie bag tucked inside every hamper so the kids can do it too. Total sanity saver!

  2. This is awesomely, head-smackingly-“duh” brilliant. If they could cook up something for those of us who kick it old school with the top loading washers, I would be at the front of the line. Save the socks!

  3. OMG I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW. No seriously, our washer and dryer are in a teeny alcove that’s basically impossible to get behind, and they shake like crazy during the spin cycle, and we lose stuff ALL THE TIME.

  4. This is truly brilliant! We don’t really lose socks off the top of the washer, because I don’t dare put them there, but the cats still find stuff to knock off the back of it! Definitely getting this soon!

  5. This is absolutely brilliant and such a simple idea for a problem I have had for YEARS. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Also what a cute name 🙂

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