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Guess what!? Offbeat Home is on Instagram now. If you haven't been following us there, you're missing out on half-naked photos of me fresh out of the shower. Okay okay, so it was just a post-shower photo of me in my awesome new Khaleesi robe. But you are missing out on stuff like…

We'll keep updating it with more fun life stuff and interesting home design, but right now it's feeling a little lonely over there. So give us a follow, tag us in your own pics, and we'll keep giving your eyeballs some fun-and-filtered shit to look at! I promise.

  1. I, like Ariel, am over on Flikr, and I've dug in my heels and will stay there. I can't say I really understand the whole Instagram… thing…

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    • Daaaaymn woman. You must be a total Flickr OG JEDI to have /ariel as your personalized address.

      lucky bitch. (said entirely lovingly I promise!)

  2. I love that you all are on Instagram now! Now, I can get all sorts of offbeat inspiration readily on the go.

  3. Yay!! I've been waiting to see y'all on Instagram! So excited! I've already got a few things tagged #offbeathome. I assume that's the preferred tag or do you have another you would like us to use to share pics?

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