Relationship hack: Take 5 minutes a week to help improve your relationship

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Remember when we explored if there was any any non-religious marriage advice? Our sponsor Relate could be the non-corny, non-religious, science-based approach to helping you improve your relationship that you’ve been looking for!

Relate is a text-based service that delivers relationship coaching via your mobile. The content is based on decades of relational maintenance theory research from universities — adapting to your specific personality in order to help you manage and improve your romantic, parenting, and work relationships. It’s for any serious relationship with a solid foundation, but with room for improvement.

“At Relate, we are passionate about making relationships better because we know that if significant others in all relationships are happy, the world will be a better place for us all. Our goal is to use science and data online to prompt you to take offline action on your relationship. It’s also a handy virtual assistant for your relationship.”

Here’s how it works…

Join for FREE

There is no app to install, and no password to remember. The entire program is delivered via text messages so it’s easy and discreet, and your name never gets attached to your data.

The service is COMPLETELY FREE, and you can sign up in seconds. Basically, right now you can join their beta test group for free to improve your relationship and to help Relate improve their relationship management algorithms.

So wait, if it’s free, what’s the catch? Every month or two, Relate will suggest experiences, products, and services that may benefit your relationship. Relate puts a lot of time into curating these sponsors, so you will hopefully only get things that fit your personality — and they’re committed to avoiding sponsorships that feel pushy, salesy, or like full-on marketing. In short: Relate will take care of the details so you can focus on your relationship.

Get customized coaching

You’ll get help from Relate through regular tips and challenges via text prompts. The challenges will be customized to your relationship based on their algorithms.

Once you complete enough challenges, you’ll start getting text messages that detail your progress to pinpoint specific areas for improvement based on Relate’s proprietary relationship management algorithms. You will also get to see how you are doing compared to other similar Relate users. (Ooh, fascinating!)

What Relate users are saying…

“I keep using Relate because it’s the only trigger in my life to really consciously think about my marriage.”

“I love how simple and easy it is. It doesn’t take much effort, and doesn’t disrupt my day.”

“My husband and I haven’t had such a good week in a very long time.”

If you wanna take three minutes a week to try and develop a closer connection to your significant other, just sign up for free right now. I’m gonna try it too. Wanna try it with me?

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    • I signed up with a Canadian number, I don’t know if it would work in other international locations though

      • Just sent a sms from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I just had to add “+1” in front of the mobile provided! 🙂

        • Do you think there will be outrageous international phone charges for those of outside the US? I suppose we won’t know til the end of the bill cycle..

          • it depends on your carrier, I suppose. Mine (in Spain) will charge 0.6€ for each international message, which it’s not that much since you will only send 4 or 5 a month… I’ll give it a try, I’m curious about this 🙂

          • We live in Ecuador and I have ported my US phone number to Google Voice. So, I still have a US number but it’s free! And then I can have an Ecuadorian sim in my phone for everyday use (whatsapp etc.) Here’s info on it. Since my sim in my phone is Ecuadorian, I could not text the number. But then I just went in my browser to and sent a text from there and it went through successfully and will not cost me anything now. Google voice even transcribes voicemails and emails me the text. It’s really quite cool and gives me worldwide freedom and a consistent phone number.

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  2. I thought for a minute this was the UK charity Relate (who are fab, if anyone in the UK is wondering about working with them) who provide relationship-and-related-topics therapy. It’d sort of be in their realm, apart from the sponsored texts, so double check if you’re googling for more info.

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