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September 14 2012 | offbeatbride
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Hang your hoops on the wall and store your shoes on a book shelf? Brilliance abounds!

When you look around your home, do you immediately feel like kid stuff is… everywhere? You might want to have a chat with our new sponsor, Stacy Erickson, a Seattle-based home organizer who's now offering her family-centric organization skills to the world via her new business, Home Key Organization.

Prior to founding the biz, Stacy spent years working as a Family Advocate for her local Head Start program, and working to improve the learning environments kids grow up in is a passion of hers. Stacy's hope is that by implementing her organization strategies and practices, your home will become more conducive to the social, emotional, and academic development of your kid's life. I don't think anyone is happy tripping over shoes and toys all the time — speaking from my own experiences, it's pretty frustrating. Home Key Organization can help turn that living area frustration into big smiles on your face every time you walk in the door.

Home Key Organization offers six services for Seattle families — these range from pre-birth nursery set-up to creating a distraction-free homework space. LUCKILY, if you're not in Seattle she also offers virtual consultations.

I was super curious about how the virtual consultations work — how could someone tell you to effectively organize your home without actually walking through it? Stacy put it to me this way: "Lots of people know how to clean, but not a lot of people know how to organize. Organizing takes a knack for knowing what goes where, how things work in the space, and how items will be placed most efficiently depending on their use." So basically, she's like a wedding planner/coordinator… but for your living space.

This before/after perfectly illustrates the awesomeness of Home Key Organization — with Stacy's help, this kid's bedroom went from chaos to easily manageable!

As part of my virtual consultation, Stacy sent me questionnaire that asked for details about our living arrangement, goals for our son's educational pursuits, and photos our space. Here's how it all went down:

Our apartment is tiny (400 sq feet) and the biggest challenge by FAR is the lack of space. We've made creating a space for son to freely explore and learn at his own pace our top priority, but when you've got two dogs, two adults, and a three-year-old running around, things get real hectic real fast. So here are the photos I sent Stacy, with her response below each:

The Bedroom

This is the photo I sent Stacy to begin working her magic on.
The fact that your space has a minimal amount of items/furniture is great. The shelves are also awesome and use the vertical space well.

Will the bed fit against the wall with the shelf on it? If so, you could have the head of your bed by the opening to the closet door and move the shelves to the corner by the window and make them corner shelves. You could also get longer shelves and put them higher up all along the wall so you wouldn't bump your head on them. Another thing to think about would be to put your dresser in your closet if you had room and add lower, longer nightstand there and then you would have more storage space for books, etc.


The under bed drawer is great. It looks like there are shoes in there now, however, if you could find a different place for shoes (maybe in the closet in some sort of basket on the floor) it would be a great place for some of Jasper's toys or books. It's accessible to him, which is great because it sounds like he is super independent and could work toward cleaning stuff up on his own and putting it in there as needed.

Living Area

The living area photo I sent Home Key Organization.
Utilizing the dresser drawers for toys would be great so that Jasper has more space on top of the low cub shelf to play. You could also move the white shelf to the left a little bit and angle the dresser in the corner by the window and make it more for toys and then use the space that it now occupies for the dog crate — angling the dresser would make it so it wouldn't block off as much light as putting it in front of the window. You could also get a wall hanger for his ukulele (I have one for my guitar at my house and it is great! Instruments can be a work of art!

Closing Notes

All in all, you have a GREAT space going. I definitely think there are ways you can free up more space for your son (and the dogs) to play. One of the most rewarding things about having a small space is when it WORKS. It seems to be working pretty well, and with a few tweaks and basic item organization I think it could work even better.

I'll admit that I felt pretty confident about our space going into the consultation, but there's nothing like letting someone who DOESN'T live in your home take a peek at it. Stacy's insights were super helpful, and she brought up quite a few ideas that have never crossed my mind. Angling the dresser at the window so we can move the dog crate out from under my work desk? My dog-crate-bumping knees are thankful for the suggestion. And the idea of storing our kid's toys under our bed blew my mind — that way they're easy to find, but also easy to hide away when play time's finished.

Home Key Organization is offering Offbeat Mama $50 off an in-person organizing session OR $50 off an Advanced Virtual Consultation! Just mention the site when you inquire with Stacy.

Even though Stacy primarily works with families and children, the benefits of the Home Key Organization experience can definitely be felt by ANYONE who needs a little organization boost. Home Key Organization has a list of happy clients to vouch for the biz. Then, get on over to contacting Stacy and letting her change the way your family's environment is organized — for the way, way better.

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