Hingeheads’ door art will nerdify, geek out, and bling up your door

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When the Offbeat Bride Tribe‘s community manager sent me a link for our new sponsor, HingeHeads, I may have let out a little squeal. I got pretty excited about them right away. You might not know what a finial is, but you’re about to find out — and you’re about to LOVE them.

HingeHeads are a fantastic idea based on classic Victorian finials, the little tips that go on door hinges, fence posts, and even old-school lightening rods. These small metal sculptures have magnets and sit atop — or cling to the bottom — of door hinges. There are no tools required. HingeHeads add a secret bit of art to a doorway — and a secret bit of happy.

When Ariel told me I’d be getting a package of samples in the mail, I felt a tingly I’m-getting-mail! excitement. And when the packet showed up in the mail box with a little =^..^= drawn next to my name, I was tickled. I ripped the envelope open and ran around the house, looking for the proper doorway to match up with each little figure. And now there’s a dragon in the bathroom, a honeybee in the bedroom, a peace sign and a ballerina in the hallway, and my favorite — the cat — in my studio.

Each HingeHead is hand cast in Los Angeles from original sculptures. They offer customization — you could fill your whole house with a limited edition set of finials made in the likeness of your goldfish, favorite houseplant, small robots, or UFOs. Hats. Snakes. I’m full of ideas.

There are a number of designs to choose from — over 150 — and they are all under $10. I could give everyone’s room in my house their own personalized finial for less than $50 — even less if I start in the sale section. How nice! A handmade, detailed sculpture for each person’s room.

HingeHeads would be a lovely — and unusual — housewarming gift. How heartwarming would it be to add your own welcoming hand to a brand new home? And I’m not just talking houses, Homies. Since Hingeheads are magnetic, you could give or get a set for a dorm, loft, apartment, or stint in the ‘rents basement.

You didn’t know you wanted finials, but I bet you do now. Pick out your perfect sculptures at HingeHeads, and add a non-permanent finishing touch to your home.

Comments on Hingeheads’ door art will nerdify, geek out, and bling up your door

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! We just got our first house and I am ordering these asap!!! Thanks for the tip!!

  2. I love these so much–these are going to be perfect winter holiday stocking stuffer gifts! Elegant affordable function-able AND portable?! Crazy talk! My favorites are the starfish (5!!!) and the retro rocketship!

  3. “You didn’t know you wanted finials, but I bet you do now.”

    Uhm, YES, I do now 🙂

  4. LOVE THESE! My husband and I are doing lots of work on my grandfather’s old house before we move in. These will be perfect. A book for the study, a dragon for our red master bedroom… Can’t wait to go shopping!

  5. o_O I think I need these. NOW. Oh, I hate that I’m saving all my money right now!!! Maybe I don’t really need new work shoes?

  6. Oh wow! Love these!! Going to go hinge hunting in my house today to see how many need spicing up!

    • It’s comment like yours that make our hinge ♥ hearts beat a little faster. Thank you for all the nice things you have to say about HingeHeads.

  7. I did not know these existed, never thought about it, but now that I know, I have been noticing the hinges in my house are really ugly.

  8. I am now feeling the need to pout that I think our hinges are the originals and most of them came with plain, rounded finials already. Because I want some of these. Must see how I could go about arranging that.

    • USUALLY, if a hinge already has a finial, it’s attached to the pin that runs through the hinge. You’d either need to saw that mother off or replace the pin entirely with a flat-topped one.

      • DOOTSIE. How is it that you know so many things? Are you a super geek? Whatever the case, it’s awesome.

    • Little Red, some older homes/hinges may have rounded tops. Our HingeHeads will still fit and the magnets are strong enough to hold them in place. However, they may slide a little over time because of the rounded base though. Hope this helps. ~ Kai

  9. The dragon “Fireball” would look amazing going on my future gaming room. The dolphin could go on the bathroom hinges. The rest would just be random amazingness.

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