Cool no-damage decoration for your doors: Hingeheads

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Remember my post about Offbeat Home sponsor Hingeheads this summer? If you missed that post, these guys make magnentic toppers for your door hinges, tucking little bursts of whimsy all over your house — and they're back in time for Christmas with a BIG deal for Homies.

They've got brand new designs rolling out. Let's look.

Ahhhh! So playful! This moon/beach towel combination makes the bathroom look like a beachy, summery place.

Add a secret, small bit of mystical hospitality to your home with this welcome hand, which I just love. The open palm is such a simple reminder that your home is happy to see you — and your guests.

On the other hand, the skeleton Hingehead is a small, creepy, well-designed momento mori. I fully support any way to bring more skulls into the home. Kitchen, bedroom, family room…whatever!

I like imagining the bunny as a curled up home totem. [Of course Cat would have a rabbit totem creature. WE ALL REMEMBER THAT POST, CAT. -Ariel] Really, I see all the Hingeheads like this: unobtrusive ways to christen rooms with a little spirit.

When you're gifting this winter, keep Hingeheads in mind, especially for anyone you know who has a new place, or LOVES their apartment and needs some no damage decor for it. Hingeheads slap right on with a magnet and hold on tight. Can you imagine the stocking stuffer potential for these things?

Oh yeah:

Hingeheads is offering 30% off of all orders readers make through December 31st.

Did I mention Hingeheads start at just $6? Get to picking out your favorite mini-sculptures.

    • Faith, great minds think alike 🙂 We actually have adapters for lamps but they are not listed on the site right now. Internally we call them HotHeads. Here is what they look like.

      The adapter fits standard lamps and can be used with any other HingeHead design. Maybe it's time to re-list them.

      Other creative uses for HingeHeads: We use them as ornaments on our Christmas tree. We also use them on top of wine bottles as gifts. It's two gifts in one. One you can drink and one you can keep. Just add a small nail or pushpin into the cork so the magnet can hold it on top of the cork.

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