Rustic handmade metallic rings from Tinahdee

January 27 2012 | offbeatbride
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I'm such a gushy fan of stackable rings.. they're so simple and awesome.

Our sponsor, ring-creator extraordinaire Tinahdee is a self-taught artisan: she learned to put jewelry together by reading books, articles, and watching countless videos on YouTube. I think this makes her work extra-special: when you order a piece from her, you're connecting with a woman who deeply loves what she's creating.

In addition to the stackable rings pictured above, Tina has two other awesome family-friendly designs: the silver latitude longitude band is a great way to mark a significant event. For example, you could use the coordinates of where your kid was born:

Tinahdee's silver latitude longitude band.

And 14k gold initial rings are a cute and simple way to note someone important in your life:

The initial rings are great for parents, partners, or for yourself.

In case you haven't heard, infinity rings are hottttttt — and Tinahdee has a beautiful one! Infinity rings are great because they can represent your relationship, a pact or promise, a life.

I love the delicate simplicity of Tinahdee's infinity ring.

Those of you with an Ornithology nerd in the house will LOVE this band for hunters and Ornithologists. The rest of us are still trying to bend our heads around the word Ornithology (just me?). Either way, this band is definitely one of a kind:

You've been looking EVERYWHERE for a great Ornithology band, right? Look no further!

Tinahdee's catalog doesn't stop here: she also has sweet men's rings. So whether you're shopping for yourself, a friend, or someone special — spend a few hours, fall in love, and get ordering!

  1. Holy crap. I am not usually one for jewelry, but I would wear one of everything on this site. I even see something I'd consider using to propose to le boyfriend! Now if I could just get the courage.

    2 agree
  2. those are gorgeous! i've been in the market for small (but cool) rings to wear a little small and above my knuckle i think those stackable name ones are adorable!

    1 agrees
  3. We just got the lat/long ring that I ordered as my fiance's wedding band and I LOVE it. It's beautiful and manly at the same time.

    1 agrees

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