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June 28 2013 | arielmstallings
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A small emperor considers his options
The shirt: albababy orange terry top

I've totally gushed about UK-based children's boutique Love It Love It Love It on Offbeat Families before. I first found them via a reader comment back in 2009, and I've basically been dressing my son in their gender-neutral Scandanavian-influenced rainbow kid gear ever since. See, 90% of my kid's clothes come from the Goodwill, and cost 99 cents. The other 10%? They're euro-baby splurges from Love It Love It Love It. All my favorite pictures of Tavi? He's wearing their stuff…

The Rainbow Tooth pantsuit
pants: danefae rainbow trousers

If you have a few minutes to indulge me as I share adorable pictures of my son (I swear I never do this!), your reward will be a coupon for FREE international shipping from Love It Love It Love It


Tavi rocking an early-era NSYNC look
the shirt: tapete blue rocket t-shirt the pants: albababy denim baggy pants
hugging every tree
pants: danefae blue stripe trousers
shirt: smafolk tractors pants: albababy dungarees
shirt: boys & girls star t-shirt
The dog walker
pants: albababy baggy pants

GAH. ARE YOU DYING?! These clothes are the freaking cutest, and Ruth who runs Love It Love It Love It is the real deal. Cheeky as hell on Twitter, and work-from-home mom herself.

The only problem with Love It Love It Love It? They're in the UK, and I'm in the USA. Since so many of Tavi's clothes come from the Goodwill, I can justify the exchange rate… but the shipping costs can be tough.

THAT SAID! Ruth is now offering a limited time FREE SHIPPING offer to Offbeat Families readers:

Use coupon code OFFPOST to get free worldwide shipping from Love It Love It Love It. Note that this coupon will NOT work during site-wide sale times. (One of which is coming up at the end of July!)

Ok, so let's review here:

  • Love It Love It Love It has amazing rainbow-tastic kid clothes in sizes ranging from newborn to 8-years-old
  • My son is adorable and I love him and thank you for indulging me
  • You can get FREE SHIPPING using the coupon code listed above (but not during site-wide sales)

Yep, I think that about sums it up. Thank you for indulging me. Now, GO SHOP!

  1. I <3 gender-neutral baby clothing!
    I would be considering stocking up on clothes for future children (seeing as we have none now), but I can't justify it at the moment. I know you can't use the code during sales, but is there an expiration date for this coupon? 'Cause I could totally see myself using this next summer.

  2. I totally adore Love It Love It Love It. I originally found them via an ad on the sidebar of Offbeat Families about a year ago, having caught my eye because it was a UK site (I'm in the UK). I've gone on periodic splurges for my daughter (and bought gifts for friends') children ever since. In fact, I'm overdue a browse, so if you'll excuse me…

    And your son is superdoopercute!

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