Geeks Raising Geeks: a website for any geek helping raise a child + $50 ThinkGeek giveaway

October 4 2013 |
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Calling all kid-loving geeks! This means YOU, geeky parents, geeky family friends, and geeky offbeat aunties and uncles. There's a new resource out there for you. Geeks Raising Geeks is your dream mix of GeekDad/GeekMom and Buzzfeed: they've got everything from providing inspiration for geeky-themed rooms to offering lessons on how to be a gentleman that they learned from Super Mario Brothers. I know, right?! And if that's not enough, the site is also currently hosting a giveaway for A $50 credit at ThinkGeek.

The folks at Geeks Raising Geeks are set on helping you spend time with your little geeklings in the best way possible. The site is still in its infancy, but growing — and here's why and how you can help it:

The site has everything from posts about the importance of bedtime stories to six science experiments that Bill Nye would be proud of. I mean, how great are these tips for getting kiddos to love books?

Non-fiction rocks. Check out books about space, bees, tornadoes, or holidays around the world that are concrete and teach something new. They are often the dusty, lonely spines on the shelves that are never checked out — yet shockingly are the books the kids sit riveted in bed listening to.

Make your librarian your BFF. Librarians are magicians in the lost art of reading. Engage one about books for your child's age, and ask for a few recommendations. Encourage your child to share some of their interests; and watch the magic begin. When a librarian selects a book and effuses about how great it is — your child, tween or even teenager will read it much more readily than if you suggest it.

Geeks Raising Geeks has a whole tech archive that's happy-inducing. The site is still young, but the tech archive already includes geeky iPhone cases, baby monitor recommendations, and toy robots. The site has tons of options for offbeat aunties, uncles, and families friends who are cruising for awesome gifts that parent-friends won't hate you for giving their kid.

My favorite section of Geeks Raising Geeks is the sci-fi archive. I love these tips for decorating a Lord of the Rings room, and I had no idea that Gollum bobble-heads existed. Speaking of nerdy toys, remember that ThinkGeek giveaway? Here are the details:

BONUS ROUND: Geeks Raising Geeks is currently hosting a Facebook contest and they're giving away $50 for ThinkGeek. Say whaaaaaaat! Here's where you can enter.

Loving what you're reading? Then help Geeks Raising Geeks grow. Head over to the site, see what you like, and enter that Facebook contest!

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    I'm the Chief Geek behind

    We really hope you'll come on over, check us out and, if you love us, LIKE us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter.

    The contest for ThinkGeek goes until October 31st. Hope to see you around our neck of the woods 🙂

  2. *kid in a candy store face*
    This is epic awesome, and I wish I didn't have work so early in the morning because I want to read ALL THE THINGS! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I shared this with my friends that have kids. While I'm not having kids – I think I can totally be a cool Aunt with the ideas from this site!

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