Bringing Offbeat Home & Life's voice to Dwell, and overcoming my own impostor syndrome

In March, I got an email from a Columbia classmate who works at Dwell. "I have a Seattle house that will be featured in the July / August Smart Tech issue. Are you interested in writing it? It would have to be a reaaallly quick turnaround though — as in, two weeks from now."

I immediately said yes, and then was like "Wait, oh my god: what have I done?"


Hey Homies, what's up? I wanna hear from you!

Hey Homies, it's me — Megan, the editor of Offbeat Home! I'm writing all y'all a personal little post because, well, I miss you. I feel like I haven't heard from you in a while.

Maybe because it's summer, maybe because we're all growing up and adulting super hard now, or maybe it's because Facebook algorithms suck and we aren't showing up in your feed as much, but we're getting less and less submissions from you guys. Let's fix that…