Make dog biscuits for your direwolf

The kitchen can be torture for a pet with a culinary-inclined owner. I know my own direwolf sits proper for the entire time I'm cooking, in hopes of receiving scraps. So here's my grain-free, no-filler recipe that my direwolves snap up.


My cat is dumb and barfs a lot

My cat Oliver and I have been negotiating his troublesome eating habits. He often gets so excited about whatever I've just fed him that if I don't sit with him and force him to take digestion breaks every 30 seconds, he just HORFs down food and then HORKs it back up again — which is especially nasty now that I've begun feeding my cats organ meats for some meals. Re-barfed ground-up cow livers. MMMM.


Where can I find indestructable dog toys?

I have two dogs and they seem capable of tearing through any and every dog toy made by man. The big one has a very strong jaw that can power through the toughest of toys and the little one has small needle-like teeth that penetrate through everything. Help me, Homies!