A lovely piano duet between toddler and dad

This is one of those heart-melters that make the prospect of parenting a toddler seem not so scary: Ben, on piano, is the son of Berkeley-based artsy awesomes Andrea (jewelrymaker…..

Who am I to my partner's daughter?

My cousin's parents had been separated for years and her mum happily re-partnered with man that my cousin now happily refers to as her stepdad despite no formal marriage taking place. Along the way my cousin had a few 'uncles' and knew playmates who often had their parents' significant others masquerading as 'aunties' and 'uncles.'

Steampunk maternity fashion

Who says the last month has to be about tent-shirts and sweatpants? At 8.5 months pregnant, Dominianne is fully rocking her hand-crafted Steampunk maternity wear. For another couple shots of…..

Breastfeeding bride

It's not every day I post something on Offbeat Bride that Offbeat Mamas would love … but this shot of a breastfeeding bride from Whitney Lee is too good to…..