Keeping spaces nice and clean.

Green strategies for the prevention of bedbugs and fleas — so your neighbor’s problem doesn’t become YOUR problem

A reader question on many people’s minds: Bedbugs are coming! How can I prevent an infestation? Read on for nine green tools that work on fleas and bedbugs.

Spring cleaning tips: doing it the not-overwhelming way

Spring cleaning can be a no-stress way to help life run more smoothly, and we’ve got three way-simple ideas to help your efforts go farther.

Clean your whole house in 20 minutes a day (even if you’re a sloppy work-from-home type like me)

Like many people, I had chores as a kid and was expected to help keep the house tidy. Even so, somehow I didn’t learn how to keep house. If the same is true for you, you’ll probably find it’s very helpful to spend time actually crafting an approach to cleaning.

Ditch the magazine: Improving house-esteem

We all compare our homes to the ones in our magazines, and that can run down our house-esteem. I put together these steps to help you treat your home like a temple.