Let's talk about the sociology of engagement rings (and win a free necklace, too!)

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Mother and baby
Mother and baby elephant necklace from Turtle Love
We recently had a big discussion about engagement rings over on Offbeat Bride. It's an eleven billion dollar industry that we find fascinating. We've talked about their significance to our love, how to balance them with our own personal convictions, and whether to buy or wear one at all. They are one of those cultural phenomenons that is just super-intriguing.

Adrianne from our longtime sponsor, Turtle LoveThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them, also finds it interesting. She is on a mission to create thoughtful dialogue about the industry and perspectives from all kinds of people and communities (especially those not immersed in wedding planning). She wants to find out what messages engagement rings send, how people negotiate engagement rings with their partners, and the roles that they play in family and community.

So if you are married, engaged, single, or never plan to get married, she'd love ALL your opinions in this survey. The survey closes at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 14th.

As a bonus, one lucky survey respondent will win a silver necklace from Turtle Love, just in time for a Mother's Day present, or to keep for yourself!

  1. I enjoyed this survey. I'm not engaged yet, but it made me realize that it's OK to not want an engagement ring! Even though everyone looks at you weird ^_^

  2. I have been engaged twice in my life and the survey really made me compare the two times. For me my thoughts about engagement and rings didn't change between the two engagements. However, my thoughts and expectations about a partner drastically changed between the two engagements.

    In general having or not having a ring doesn't affect my view of a couple's sincerity. For me though my "ringless" engagement was not entered into with as much thought and care as my "ringed" engagement. I think that had more to do with my age (I was 18/19 when I first got engaged, I was 25 the second time) than the ring but it was an interesting correlation.

    I'd love to know if any others have been engaged more than once and how/if you think having a ring or not affected those engagements.

  3. Maybe it is because I think a lot about human subjects review boards for a living, but this survey raised some red flags for me.

    First, she does not explicitly ask for permission to quote in her book. I assume she is going to, if you give a name or not, but that is not spelled out.

    Secondly, she does not have a way for you to be entered in the drawing without also agreeing to follow up conversations. That should be an option.

    Finally, she does not clearly say what she is using this information for. How will the data provided be used in the future? If I share potentially identifying information, could that be published in her book?

  4. I happily filled the survey and I really enjoyed it 😀
    Necklace-wise, I wanted to point out that since I'm in Europe I'm usually left out of these sweet giveaways 🙁 but I have a friend in NY so in case I win it I could ask her to receive it for me. Just sayin'. 😉

  5. I had never been to Turtle Love before, but they look awesome. I think I'll buy that necklace for my mom regardless! Are they one of the sponsors we have that give us an offbeat discount, perchance? 😮

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