You oughta know it by now: Turtle Love Co. has eco-friendly rocks that rock

April 22 2011 | offbeatbride
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Yep, we know that you know the jewelry at our sponsor Turtle Love Co. is ten times better than most mama-themed baubles you've seen — in fact, we've already told ya! Twice! So now, let's just discuss my little obsession with their products.

I'm lovin'; the Mom & Two Babies Lovebird Necklace!

If you're looking for something to gift (to yourself, your mom, friend, or partner), the all-time fave Mother Bird necklaces are always crowd pleasers! Turtle Love Co. has redesigned the pieces to make them even MORE kid-friendly. Plus, you can add baby birds to your necklace as your brood grows, so you're not stuck having to buy another if you have more kids.

If you're not in the market for mom jewelry, go ahead and check out Turtle Love Co.'s other artisan jewelry — they've got gorgeous eco-friendly wedding rings for men and women, unusual engagement rings to swoon over, and beautiful necklaces and artistic earrings to wear for any occasion or every day.

These sterling silver Laurel Leaf Earrings are perfect for the nature -over in your life!
If you';re looking for something a little trippy, the Sunlight Labyrinth earrings might be more your style.
The Tree of Life ring; is quite magical indeed.

As if they couldn't get better, Turtle Love Co. has partnered with WaterAid to create Clean Water Jewelry. My favorite piece is the Clean Water Necklace — the delicacy of the glass droplet perfectly conveys the mood of water, if you're down for getting a little flowy with me.

I am in looooove with this necklace!

Whether you spring for the necklace or earrings (or the set!), Turtle Love Co. will donate $30 to WaterAid with each purchase — and $30 is enough to supply one person with clean water and sanitation for life. I'm pretty sure this might be one of the best gifts you could give anyone — and you're giving a gift of water to someone who needs it. WIN-WIN.

Don't forget to follow Turtle Love Co. on Facebook — they're giving away one bird necklace OR Clean Water Jewelry set to a fan. Make yourself one of them!

  1. What? No percent off for us Mamas? *pout* I've been waiting for my husband to get the hint and by me the bird necklace. *double pout*

  2. my fiance bought me the necklace with two birds. i am in love with it! it's by far my favorite piece of jewelry! (except for my engagement ring) 🙂

    thank you offbeatmama for introducing me to this awesome company!

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