7 reasons why SimpleRegistry can make getting what you need RIDICULOUSLY simple

December 21 2012 | meggyfin
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All photos courtesy of Simple Registry.

A lot of you Homies might remember our long-time sponsor SimpleRegistry from when we've talked about them over on Offbeat Bride. SimpleRegistry is changing the way you create and share registries. Are you engaged? Becoming new parents? Buying a new home? Maybe you're planning on throwing a big anniversary/birthday/holiday party? With cool tools that make registering for gifts fun and personable, y'all can create a registry that is reflective of your personality, instead of the latest inventory of the big box retail stores.

And since we last talked about SimpleRegistry, they've made quite a few awesome changes y'all might be interested in…

1. Setup is easy (and fun)

Customizing a registry is easy with purpose-built tools like the SimpleAdder (bookmarklet for adding any item from any website with one-click), the free Mobile App (scan barcodes, or snap a photo of anything and add it to the registry), and Instant Registry (pre-made lists of professionally curated items) for those who don't have time to get picky and choose-y.


2. Add anything to your registry

Seriously, any item from any store on one registry. You can even add non-tangible stuff like season tickets, indoor skydiving sessions, or a donation to a favorite charity. Literally anything that can be thought up can be added to a your registry.

3. Let others suggest cool items

Lazy hack! Why should you have to think up everything you'll need on your registry? Now your friends and family can help! They can get a custom version of their SimpleAdder tool that allows them to easily suggest great items from any website in the world with one click. Of course, you'll have complete power over which suggested items actually make it to your registry and which to ignore. (NO thank you, Grandma, I don't need that giant rooster for my kitchen, but I will add those awesome pillows that my fashionista friend suggested.)

ALL of these things you see here (random branches included) can be added to your SimpleRegistry.

4. It's easy to allow for group-gifting

There probably aren't many people that will buy someone that awesome $2,000 dining room set. However, maybe you have 20 friends that would be willing to chip in $100 each? Providing, of course, that you invite them all over to dine at your fancy new table.

Toast to your amazing friends and family who helped you out while you write awesome Thank You cards.
Toast to your amazing friends and family who helped you out while you write awesome Thank You cards.

5. Saying "thank you" is easy

SimpleRegistry instantly generates a list of all contributors, the gift(s) they provided, the amounts, and their full contact information. (Kinda makes you want to write a "thank you" note to SimpleRegistry first.)

6. All gifts can be redeemed as cash

When your wedding, or baby shower, or other life event is over, all gifts are redeemed directly as cash for the ultimate in flexibility. Newer model of that camera since the registry was created? Different color of that blender desired? No problem! You can tell SimpleRegistry when you're ready to receive your gifts and they'll send you a check or ultra-conveniently deposit funds directly to your checking or PayPal account.

Getting the things you need from the people you love is always awesome. Letting the people who love you know exactly what you need is a total relief to them. And SimpleRegistry is going to do EXACTLY that… just sign up with SimpleRegistry and watch the magic happen.

And we just want to add a little "thank you" to SimpleRegistry for joining us as a kick-ass Offbeat Home sponsor!

  1. DUDE. This sounds like a perfect way to handle the bullshit of maintaing a wishlist for far-flung relatives who want to be nice to me but whose taste, uh….doesn't match mine! Bookmarklet!

  2. I love this! This is ideally what my wedding registry would have been.

    Now if only I can get my family to use the computer to buy and give things…

    For my wedding registry I had to go old-school because my family expects to just show up at a store and buy something on the registry without having perused it first – which means traditional store registries to print or view in-store, the moment they're there to buy. *le sigh*

  3. We used this for our wedding and it worked out great! It's a win for your friends and family because they don't have to pay sales tax or shipping. You get the cash and use it to buy the intended item or just enjoy the cash! Being able to choose items from any site as well as tangible and intangible things gives people a lot of flexibility and creativity — without TOO much creativity (sh*t you don't want).

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