Zutano: the whimsy-laced brightly-colored gender-neutral infant and toddler clothing of your dreams

November 9 2012 | offbeatbride
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A sample of all the cuteness from Zutano: Orange Candy Stripe Baby T-Shirt ($17.50), Crabby Hat ($10.50), Chocolate 5 Stripe Wrap Baby Dress ($29), Cowboy Hat ($10.50), Fox Trot Terry Gripper Socks ($8).

So here's the thing about a lot of children's clothing: it's usually not designed to last for very long. If you've ever raged against the universe because your kid's sweater started to fall apart after a handful of wears, you're going to be stoked to read about our sponsor Zutano. When it comes to brightly-colored and durable newborn, infant, and toddler clothing, these guys have the market cornered.

The folks at Zutano have over 25 years of experience in children's clothes, and are committed to celebrating the joy of kids. I mean, seriously: their Elephant Parade line is the stuff whimsical rainbow gender-neutral children's clothing dreams are made of! I used the elephant line as a base for some inspiration boards — let's go on a virtual window shopping day trip (with a 15% off discount at the end)!

Preemie & Newborn

For preemies and newborns: Elephants Kimono Newborn Top ($21), Apple Cozie Newborn Booties ($20), Fair & Square Lime Newborn Legging ($12.50), Yellow Newborn Hat ($10.50), Chocolate Cozie Winter Newborn Hat ($14).

Since Zutano consistently produces clothing with gender-neutral prints, it's easy to shop for your newborn before he or she gets here — the gender-neutral infant category is waiting for you! I'm especially smitten with the Apple Cozie Newborn Booties (pictured above) — pair 'em with the Chocolate Cozie Winter Newborn Hat and you'll have the snuggliest baby on the block!

Infant and Toddler

Elephant Parade Long Sleeve Baby Shirt ($18.50), Red Cozie Baby Mittens ($13), Mandarin Terry Baby Pant ($26.50), Tangerine & Chocolate Cozie Jester Hat ($27.50), Chocolate Candy Stripe Long Sleeve Baby Shirt ($18.50)

Zutano's clothing construction is of the highest construction and durability — everything's made to last. This means your kid can wear them HARD, and you'll still have hand-me-downs left over. As your child moves from baby to toddlerhood, you'll be especially happy to have a few pieces that stick around — the Elephant Parade Long Sleeve Baby Shirt is totally something I could see my kid sporting for years and y'all: that jester hat is THE BEST.

Super Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt ($22.50), Chocolate Terry Toddler Jacket ($40), Navy Toddler Jean ($36), Fuchsia & White Stripe Scarf ($17), Kitty Kat Crew Socks ($14).

AND GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS… Zutano has an exclusive-to-you discount for anything on their site. The discount will work for the rest of 2012 — and I think we all know we have a few gift-giving holidays coming up!

Zutano is offering a 15% discount to Offbeat Mama readers which is good through the end of 2012. Readers can snag the deal by clicking here!

Pictured: Peacock Bow Tie ($16), Aqua & White Stripe Apron ($30), Green Coupe Wooden Push Toy ($32).

Zutano isn't limited to clothing — they also offer killer bow ties, wooden push toys, and all kinds of fun stuff. Head over to the website and get lost in their dreamy rainbow-y clothing wonderland.

  1. I appreciate Zutano's offerings (and it's true, they are fantastic clothes) but I would love to shop on a site that organized clothes by type (pants, shirts, dresses, etc) rather than gender and then type.

    11 agree
  2. Buying Zutano new isn't in our budget, but we have several handmedown outfits from friends that are in fantastic condition. So, shout-out for durability!

    5 agree
  3. I love Zutano as well. The very first tiny little shirt I bought for my baby was an adorable Zutano shirt very similar to the elephant parade shirt. ALSO!!! I found some Zutano stuff at Target the other day that was actually a bit less expensive than their normal stuff. I'm totes gonna use that discount code though. Yay!

  4. I love Zutano for both my little girl and baby boy! I buy a combination of new and used pieces- they have great resale value so it takes some of the sting out of a full priced garment.

  5. I do not understand the focus on the gender neutral thing going on on the offbeatmama website. I love the fact i am having a girl and she gets to wear tutu's and pink. But also she gets to wear trousers and every other color imaginable. I live in the Netherlands maybe that's the difference? It is easy here to buy clothes that are suitable for both boys and girls, maybe in America it is not? There is no pressure here to absolutely dress your child as a girl or boy. Also my baby shower was not pink. (the babyshower thing is kinda new here but most of the time you get presents for mum like bodylotion, beautytreatments and stuff, no baby clothes) I also do not understand the fuzz about wanting to dress your child gender neutral. Children see every item of clothing as neutral, so they really do not see the difference till they are a certain age. Am i maybe missing some information here about why it is so important for you guys to dress the child neutral? Or maybe it is just a cultural difference between european moms and american moms? I do not mean to offend anybody, just simply understand..

    1 agrees
    • I think Gender Neutral is such a trend in the US because it's hard to find. Everyone has the option to find out the gender of their baby at 20 weeks pregnant so can decorate in the 'appropriate' colour theme. I'm a Brit who lives in the states now and we didn't want to know the gender of our baby until she arrived. We felt that there are more colours in the world than just pink or blue and that our baby can wear all of them. I think in Europe it is easier to find simple fun colourful clothing that isn't gender specific and I love getting gifts from my family and friends in Britain and Europe for that very reason ๐Ÿ™‚

      Also our baby shower was 'carnival' themed and just full of bright fun colours any child would enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

      2 agree
      • I found it incredibly difficult to find gender-neutral clothing for my newborn, and I'm in Canada. ๐Ÿ™ I always appreciate more opportunities to find this stuff.

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  6. It is important for me to find gender-neutral clothing, toys, etc. because I don't want to push gender norms on my young child as much as I can help it. It's not that I expect or even want my kid to be "gender-less" because I know children will develop a gender identity as they grow up. I just don't want to act in stereotypical ways if I can help it (and encourage others to), but again, because of US culture is nearly impossible.

    One of the reasons is because it is accepted in the field of child development that children do not really have a gender identity until about 3-4 years old. Most adults conflate gender with sex (i.e., the genitals a kid is born with), but as we know, some people have different gender identities than what their physical bodies show.

    Children learn- or are taught- through implicit and explicit experiences about what is "acceptable" or not for girls or boys, most of which is _unproductive_.
    Children at a very young age pick up on messages sent about gender roles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A0L83rEsOo&feature=related, just as they do about race http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYkUMqxr_o8&feature=related.

    I want my child to grow up hearing from me that they can be whoever they want to be. If they turn out to be a boy and want to wear pink, fine by me. If they are a boy and want to wear blue, fine by me. Green…fine by me. The point is they won't feel constrained by what others think is acceptable, normal, etc.

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  7. Hey guys! As much as I love the discussion about gender-neutral clothing, a sponsored post might not be the ideal place for it. We've run lots of posts on gender-neutrality: http://offbeatmama.com/tag/gender-neutral. Specifically, I think these are especially good at explaining why some families put a lot of importance on gender neutrality:

    * Queer Parenting for Heteros (and anyone else who wants to teach kids that being queer is awesome)
    * Why we're not planning on cutting our son's hair anytime soon
    * My son has a firetruck: gender-neutral doesn't mean genderless
    * Parenting outside the gender binary

    Also, when it comes to the ad: I chose to feature more gender neutral clothing because to me, it's more inclusive. If you have comments or questions about Zutano and their designs specifically, I encourage you to contact them — that's the best way to make your ideas heard.

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  8. I just wanted to say that I love Zutano. We bought some second hand stuff for our daughter before she was born and some more pieces once we saw in action the quality of the clothes. I especially love that some of the stuff we bought for my daughter we can use for our new son because it holds up so well. I like the emphasis on bright colors. I love that their prints that are clearly "girl" are not pink on pink with pink accents. We bought her a dress that was blue with partially pink owls that was a favorite for a long time. And their teeny tiny onesies are the ONLY thing that fit my babies well the first two or three weeks of life.

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  9. The clothing is beautiful, but the shop doesn't seem to offer a gender neutral category beyond infancy, implying that maybe for now the market is only people who aren't finding out their baby's gender until birth. It's just interesting! I'm hoping to go for mostly gender neutral clothing as long as possible. (This doesn't rule out pink or blue or dresses or denim, but I don't want one or the other to be the majority.)

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  10. Zutano is my favorite, favorite brand. i can usually only afford it from the consignment shop, but the fact that I get such great pieces there is a testament to its high quality, I guess.

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