Swifty Snap makes it easy to change your squirmy child's diaper without a changing table

July 27 2012 | offbeatbride
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Swifty Snap's Smarty option is a changing pad that folds up to the size of a clutch purse.

Our new sponsor Swifty Snap is gearing up to change the way parents change diapers — for the better. Think about the steps you take when changing your baby or toddler's diaper — most likely it's something like this:

  1. Lay the child down
  2. Lift child's legs
  3. Pull out used diaper
  4. Clean the child
  5. Put on new diaper

Right? That's all well and good, but wouldn't it be kind of amazing if you had something that could help you change your kid's cloth or disposable diaper and hold the diaper in place for you while your kid sat or stood up? Yeeeees, you're thinking. Yes! And wouldn't it be THE BEST EVER if the sitting/standing diaper changing device was cleaner than most communal changing tables you're going to find in public AND toddler-friendly? That's what I thought — and Swifty Snap is exactly that product.

Here are the three ways Swifty Snap can alter the way you change diapers:

No diaper table? No problem

For children over 6 months: two of the On The Go options.

According to Swifty Snap, an estimated 40% of public places in the United States don't have diaper changers or tables, meaning babies (and parents) are spending a lot of time on the floor, bathroom counter, or other unsanitary place. The On The Go Swifty Snaps fit into most diaper bags, and they're dead simple to use: you sit down, load up the Swifty Snap with a diaper, sit your baby in it, and put the diaper on — then you're finished! EXTRA AWESOME: you don't even have to lay your kid down. Squirmy kids can sit happily on your leg and check out the view, and you'll be a diaper-changing master.

Worries about bacterial contamination are eliminated

For infants: Swifty Snap's Nifty design.

Ever get skeeved out when you walk into a public restroom and the baby changing table clearly hasn't been cleaned… ever? Yep, me too. You can use a Swifty Snap and avoid this problem entirely — it's up to you to clean it, but at least you know where it has and hasn't been. The Nifty design is especially useful for this — a few swathes of velcro and fabric turn YOUR lap into a germ-free changing area.

The Swifty Snap works for toddlers, too

Swifty Snap's combo Swifty 123 Snap: awesome for babies AND toddlers.

In an ideal world all of our children would be toilet trained easily and swiftly, but in reality that's not always the case — not by a long shot. The Swifty 123 Swifty Snap is a combination of the On The Go and Nifty snaps, and designed to ease the diaper changing transition logistics as your child grows out of infancy and into toddlerhood. Baby can start out laying down when they're young, and cruise on into the sitting-up position that the On The Go snap offers — all with one product.

Since the Swifty 123 is a combination of the On The Go and Nifty Snaps it's important to know how to use it — you have to consider various aspects of each Snap. LUCKILY Swifty Snap put together this video to guide you through setting it up:

Even if you're not a germaphobe, it's pretty icky to consider that as many as 100 bacterial colonies can be living on one diaper changing table at a time. It's probably time you head on over to the Swifty Snap store and get happy about this diaper changing alternative!

  1. SwiftySnap is an awesome must have product for mommies on the go. This is a number one must have gift for baby showers. Brilliant!!!

  2. It seems like by changing the baby on top of the clean diaper, you can very likely end up with urine and feces getting onto the new diaper depending on how full the previous diaper was.

    • I understand your concern but I think you misunderstood our products. Only you as a parent can judge a diaper disaster and need to use your best judgment per diaper change. In an ideal situation and as your baby starts eating solid foods you would use the products as shown, but as we all know each child may have a major accident and in that case you would just wait to place the clean diaper until after you removed the old diaper and cleaned your baby. In the Nifty and Swifty 123 option you would place the clean diaper in the small little square for safe keeping until you were ready for it and with the smarty product you would just wait to place the diaper under the holder until you cleaned and removed the old diaper. The On the Go option the child is cleaned standing up so it will never touch anything but a clean baby. It is totally a personal preference on how you use our products. All of our products are made with high quality durable waterproof material that is made specifically for urine and feces. It cleans super easy so rest assured this concern is not even an issue.

        • With the "On the Go" option you train your baby to stand up during the cleaning process. If your baby can't stand by themselves independently yet but can bare weight (a baby can typically do this at 3 mos) then you just need to support their weight with your own arm till they can. Please see instructional video for this. Go to the end of the video for babies that are like 5 mos + and need support standing. It's a simple transition for you and your baby to adjust to.

    • I disagree because people do that now but just go not have a convenient and easy to use way of going about it. The clean diaper would not get dirty plus there is a higher chance a getting a clean diaper dirty or getting germs when trying to change a baby on just your lap.

  3. This is an awesome idea. Brilliant an clean. Saves time. Best thing yet invented for babies. This will come In very handy when on the road. Love it.

    • Usually if your ipad or iphone isn't uploading the main site http://www.swiftysnap.com all you need to do is update to the latest version of flash. Our main site provides all of the health benefits and allows you to order custom. However, if you don't feel like doing that most of our products are also listed on etsy.com (search "swiftysnap") and amazon.com (search "Swifty Snap").

        • Oh ok. Good to know. I had no idea they couldn't considering all of the other amazing apps etc. they are capable of using. For anyone in this similar situation that does not have access to a PC or Mac and only own an iphone or ipad please feel free to email us at swiftysnap@hotmail.com for all of the health benefits of Swifty Snap. We would be happy to send you all of the articles from ABC News, USA Today, NY Times etc. on how much more safe health wise it is to use our Swifty Snap products instead of the current diaper changers on the market.

          For example during my research I found out that 92% of public diaper changers contain trace amounts of cocaine, babies are at extreme risk of contracting Streptococcus faecalis bacteria which is very resistant to many antibiotics including penicillin and can be life threatening. For anyone who wants to order custom (meaning you can pick your own fabric online or from your own local fabric store or mixing colors for the Swify 123) please see our site on Etsy.com. It lists all of the prices and process.

          All instructional videos for all of our products are on YouTube under my screen name msans01. We pride ourselves on great customer services, so by all means please please feel free to ask all the questions you need at swiftysnap@hotmail.com and we would be glad to answer them for you.

  4. It's amazing how many places you go that don't have a changing area. AND a lot of the ones that are available are just gross. I LOVE this idea! Especially the 123. I already have one of those portable pads and it looks like the 123 takes up less room. Thank you, Swifty Snap!

  5. OMG… LOVE this. I was just looking for changing pads just the other day. SO glad I didn't buy anything yet cause now I can change my baby's diaper at the softball park without missing the game!!! What a fantastic product.

  6. I wish I had this product when my child was a baby. I hated standing in line for the dirty changing table. The zoo was always the worst place to find a table. I could have done this in a stall. Great idea.

  7. What an amazing product! Now I never have to worry about where I'll be able to change the baby that is sanitary and convenient!! It's so easy to pack up and bring wherever you need it! I wish this was on the market a long time ago!

  8. Also I can see this being pretty handy for any male primary care givers as there are even fewer male bathrooms with changing tables! My husband will be very excited I bet when I show him this – very cool idea!

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