Semihandmade transforms Ikea kitchen cabinets into the reclaimed wood fantasy superkitchen of your feverdreams!

March 11 2011 |
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Unadorned IKEA cabinet-turned Douglas Fir rustictastic.
Given the furniture featured thus far in our home tours, our sponsor semihandmade is kind of a perfect fit for Offbeat Home. Cause we sure seem to love our IKEA.

So you've IKEA'd up your kitchen, but wish it could be a bit more distinctive. A bit less cookie-cutter catalog. Semihandmade is a custom furniture company specializing in fitting IKEA-based kitchens with custom-made doors, panels and drawer faces using hand-picked veneers, reclaimed wood and laminates.

They're based in LA but GOOD NEWS! They'll work with you no matter where you are. The beauty of the business is that IKEA cabinets are standardized, so you get a custom-designed kitchen, even if you're in the boondocks.

As featured in

And Semihandmade ships the finished product pre-drilled so you can install your new goodies super easily.

If you want a NEW kitchen? Awesome. Start with IKEA's Kitchen Planner and get your ideas set. Most customers start by sending a layout from the kitchen planner, but semihandmade works with plans from a contractor, designer, architect or Google Sketch-up, too. With plans in hand, semihandmade crew sends samples and updates, and the goods are shipped in about four weeks.

If you don't need a TOTAL remodel, semihandmade also updates already-installed kitchens that need a stylish upgrade. Using your kitchen's existing guts saves you money AND reduces construction waste.

Let's take a look at the goods.

LOVE the way these panels make use of space. Built-in appliances, loads of drawers, AND a huge shelf.
Simultaneously uber-70s and ultra-mod.
A teaser on their reclaiming skills: that was a basketball court. Now it's a wall.

Semihandmade believes "radical sensibility" is the future, and with their radical sensibility, even custom jobs typically cost 30% less than other kitchen customizations. I can get behind that, but we're not their only fans: read what Dwell had to say when semihandmade launched.

When you're ready to learn more, visit their FAQ for hard details, and semihandmade's website has more photos of very cool finishes and completed jobs. Visit semihandmade and start scheming your high-class, ego-conscious, effing classy new kitchen.

  1. Loooooooove this!!! Thank you so much for showing this, I may just have a new love affair with cabinetry!

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  2. I'm, honestly confused…

    You get your cabinets etc. from Ikea but then have the semi-peeps come in and.. reface? distress? what exactly?

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  3. Hi Casey,

    It's a good question, so let me clarify (since we're Semihandmade): IKEA is about the only major kitchen cabinet manufacturer in the world that lets you buy their kitchens without the doors, panels and drawer faces – basically everything you see, and what defines your room. Many people don't know this.

    Our typical clients purchase everything else – the cabinet boxes, the feet they sit on, the drawers and hinges and other fancy hardware (all Blum, considered about the best in the business) – and then choose a facing that better suits their mood. We do offer reclaimed materials, but also hand-picked veneers and colored laminates. There's even a DIY-line that you paint yourself for the ultimate customization (and biggest savings)!

    So really what we're offering we like to think of as the ultimate IKEA app. And in the interest of full disclosure, yes, there are a few other companies that offer IKEA-compatible doors, but it's not all they do, and the styles are very traditional.

    Hopefully that clears things up.

    PS: thanks everyone for the really nice comments!


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    • I have an IKEA kitchen and can I just say, while IKEA can be hit or miss sometimes in terms of quality, the IKEA kitchens are solid! We have been so happy with ours. The quiet/no slam hinges, drawer slides and open more than 90 degrees cupboard door hinges that are super fancy and pricey at Lowe's/Home Depot are so affordable at IKEA and standard with every IKEA kitchen.

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