Custom printed labels to make your life easier and your crafts awesome(er)

October 11 2016 | offbeatbride
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Find out how to make your own custom, water-resistant, wine labels!
Find out how to make your own custom, water-resistant, wine labels!

Hey, independent business runners, party-throwers, crafters, and party-planners! Y'all in need of some awesome labels to make your life easier? Our sponsor Laser Inkjet Labels has volunteered as tribute of making your labeling needs easier. They're an online retailer of blank sheets of printable laser and inkjet labels, and they also do custom printed labels on rolls.

Not sure if you have label needs? Perhaps there are label ideas you haven't even thought of yet. Check these Great Moments in Laser Inkjet Labels

Addresses (duh)

Easy return address labels
Easy return address labels

We all send stuff in the mail. And we all need to put our return addresses on the envelope. I'll confess I'm the jerk who chicken scratches up in that top left corner and then prays the postal worker who needs to return it can read bad handwriting. If you mail things even a fraction more than I do… do yourself a favor and print up some easy address labels.

Custom party beverages

Water resistant water bottle labels FTW!
Water resistant water bottle labels FTW!

Create custom wine bottles for creative gifting purposes, or party-themed water bottles for all your events with Laser Inkjet's water-resistant labels and labels made just for bottles that you can print up on YOUR OWN inkjet printer. No super special gear needed!

For your non-profesh crafting

Brown Kraft Labels
Brown Kraft Labels

I don't craft, but I know a lot of you do. Use Laser Inkjet for custom tags for your knitting projects, soaps, or your lovingly home-made brownies. Maybe they're special brownies? I don't know. That's up to you.


Or labels for your mason jar crafts — candles, jams, cookie-making kits? Whatever you're sticking in a jar and need a label for, Laser Jet Ink Labels has over 80 different label sizes to choose from, and offer labels in a variety of different material that cannot be found in regular stores.

For your profesh crafting

Laser Inkjet Labels also can print labels and ship them to you. Whether you need a one color label for your products, a bumper sticker, or even a full color heavy duty weatherproof label, they can do it for you.

Head over to Laser Inkjet Labels to start all your custom printed label jobs. And big thanks to these guys for sponsoring Offbeat Home & Life. Remember that we couldn't do it without our sponsors.

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