Custom birth announcements from Illuminated Invitations

October 2 2009 | offbeatbride
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Custom birth announcement with NO PINK
Check out the subtle constellation!
How cute are these birth announcements for HunnyDu's little girl Lyra? You remember Lyra, we featured her birth story here not too long ago.

HunnyDu asked Illuminated Invitations to come up with something custom in a gender neutral color and they came up with these beauties. The design features stars prominently, since Lyra is also the name of a constellation.

This isn't the first time Illuminated Invitations has come up with some Offbeat paper goods. They designed completely custom, completely gorgeous "green" invitations for the infamous porange wedding as well!

Get 15% off all Illuminated Invitations offbeat birth announcements until Nov. 1st! Just mention Offbeat mama when you place your order.

One great thing about these custom birth announcements is that they're not the standard pink or blue. You can customize the materials and designs in order to get the look and style you want. Total creative liberty to use whatever color scheme you want and whatever design you can imagine.

If you're in the mood to drool over more Illuminated Invitations designs, you check them out on Facebook, Etsy, and their blog.

Start scheming your custom birth announcements here!

  1. Leah of Illuminated Invitations can do ANYTHING with paper, glue and embellishments, and wil always work to give you your own unique product, not cookie cutter dime-a-dozen, been there, done that stuff. And She's an offbeat mama too!

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