Beds for every style — on the cheap and awesome! — from the UK’s Bedsos

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cheap and awesome beds from Bedsos

Okay, Homies in the UK… We see you over there. You may be checking out Offbeat Home & Life while I’m asleep, but you know I love you! And this post is for you. Our UK sponsor Bedsos has beds, mattresses, headboards, and bedroom furniture on the cheap and AWESOME. We’re talking gothy wrought iron, fun beds for kids, and leather beds — yes, I said “leather beds.”

Come snuggle with me, and check out some of my favorite bed styles…

Beds for kids

Julian Bowen Barcelona sleep station
Julian Bowen Barcelona sleep station

How cool is this Julian Bowen Barcelona sleep station? I would have sworn off Girl Scout cookies for an entire year if my parents had got me this bed. Ooh, or maybe this London bus bed, or this bed with a built-in fort!

Beds for bad-asses

leather bed
Bedsos has leather beds for days. Actually, they’re all faux leather, so everyone can enjoy sleeping like a James Dean bad-ass. And they’re shockingly priced — that one pictured above is around £335! You can also find beds in brown, black, cream, and white, so these bad boys will match everyone’s bedroom styles.

Beds for the brassy

Elizabeth Cream and Brass Metal Bed
Elizabeth Cream and Brass Metal Bed

If you’re into that vintage-style-but-always-classic-looking metal bed look, Bedsos has ’em and they’re gorgeous. I’m all kinds of in love with the one pictured above with the contrasting brass accents. Ugh, sexy. And I can’t believe it’s only £209!

Beds for living small

Double Plum Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed
Double Plum Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed

I know lots of you come here for living small advice. Bedsos has two unique ways it can help you in your tiny home with their awesome beds:
* Storage beds: flip em up, roll em over, or store things underneath them… Bedsos has a lot of convenient options.
* TV beds: Don’t have room for a bed and an entertainment center in your space? That’s cool, Bedsos has beds that are entertainment centers. Boom!

No matter what kind of bed fits your style, Bedsos has you covered. Sleep easy knowing that your choice was easy on your wallet and your eyes — Go check ’em out!

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