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April 19 2013 | Guest post by Angela from Milestone Images
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OBH6Calling all performers of all kinds, tattoo artists, Ren Faire seamstresses, aspiring chefs, haberdashers, interior designers, cosplayers, all-around crafty bitches, and brave souls!

I've been featured on Offbeat Bride and Offbeat Families (when it was still Offbeat Mama) many times in the past. What can I say? This is my online community. Y'all are my people.

That said, I recently had a really inspiring shoot with a client who I originally met on Offbeat Bride…

I photographed her wedding in Massachusetts in 2009, and we stayed in touch on Facebook. (This is her on Offbeat Bride pretending that donuts are eyeglasses.) Since then Lesley has signed with a modeling agency in Boston, which is so exciting! A few months ago, we began collaborating on ideas for a shoot to beef up her modeling portfolio.

Can I help with your Etsy business?


This past February, she came to my home studio in the New York City suburbs, and we spent three days shooting her modeling jewelry, getting portfolio shots for my favorite hair and makeup artist (she does the hair and makeup for my pinup sessions,) wearing over-the-top headpieces designed by a Brooklyn costume designer and posing with a vintage Italian sportscar.

From hairpieces to jewelry, and your fabulous make-up skillz… Angie can hook you up with fabulous photos.
From hairpieces to jewelry, and your fabulous make-up skillz… Angie can hook you up with fabulous photos.

I also had a vision for an editorial style bridal look with a bow and arrow that evolved into a Cupid theme. I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games, but then I saw the amazing feather wings on display at my local mall's Victoria's Secret, and I was struck with inspiration. That store couldn't loan them to me, so I ended up driving to Altoona to pick up not one but two pairs Victoria's Secret wings I found on eBay, and this was the result…


What about your headshots?

I had so much fun working with Lesley, as well as the other talented people who made our shoot possible, that I thought, "I want to do this again!" So, I'm reaching out to any Offbeat Homies who need to beef their modeling portfolios, update their headshots, show off their Etsy creations, and otherwise promote their own creative businesses.


Of course, if you just want to surprise your sweetie with pinup photography or decorate your home with creative portraiture starring yourself — hey! I'll bring the wings! — you can save on that too.

Or perhaps you need images for your cookbook?

This is vegan "coconut tres leches cake" that appears in Viva Vegan!: 200 Authentic and Fabulous Recipes for Latin Food Lovers by vegan chef Terry Hope Romero. I shot the majority of food photography that appears in the book.

Variety is the spice of life, and maintaining my skills from sports action to food illustration keeps my idea fresh and creative juices flowing. Therefor…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Offbeat Home readers save 10% on any creative photography needs they might have, from kickass pictures for your kickstarter project to performance shots of your burlesque troupe.

If you're already an Offbeat Vendor who sells on any of the Empire sites, you save 15%.

Makers of badass maternity clothes, funky bridal headpieces, or anyone who needs professional photos: call me!

  1. Your photos are gorgeous and if I ever get an Etsy store set up, I will contact you. I don't even live in NY but I would mail my craft items to you to get photographed, 'cause DAYUM.

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