There's now a meal delivery service for the awesome foods you crave!

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This was March's BurgaBox spread. Now wipe the drool off your face, and read about how you can put this in your face instead…

Okay, so we all know about meal delivery services that help you make healthy meals at home (whether or not they're all that great, is a different story). But eff that noise! Let's talk about a meal kit delivery service that gives you the awesome food you crave!

Our sponsor BurgaBox delivers everything you need to make guilty pleasures like over-the-top burgers, fries, and mac and cheeses, right to your doorstep! The moment I heard about this service, I knew I had to try it. (I mean, y'all know how I can't cook… But it took me five seconds to sign myself up for this one, and I've been dragging my feet on trying any other meal kit delivery service.) Here's the BurgaBox breakdown…

All the items that were in the January BurgaBox.

About BurgaBox

BurgaBox was launched out of Boston Burger Company, which specialize in over-the-top burgers, gourmet fries and ridiculous frappes! Or as Chuck, one of the co-founders, puts it:

We came up with 29 creative, over-the-top burgers, named each one, and made sure everything we put out was mind blowing. That's our secret. No Harvard degrees or James Beard award, just a few friends from Boston making mouth-watering burgers.

This is called "The Hot Mess" burger, and it won the Rachael Ray Show's Battle of the best burger. I am not surprised.

What famous chefs are saying about these burgers:

"It's an event on a plate." -Rachel Ray

"[The Hot Mess has] really great traditional flavors in a burger, that worked very well for me." -Michael Symon

"I've seen ridiculous in the burger world, this may have to be a contender. If you're going to go for a big burger, putting mac n cheese on it is pretty gangster." -Guy Fieri

The October Burgabox haul.

So how do you get these celebrity-celebrating, mouth-watering burgers from Boston?

Two ways:

  1. BurgaBox's online store features a la carte items that are available for a one time purchase.
  2. Or you can sign up for the BurgaBox of the Month Club that features every never-before-seen recipe, to burgers, fries and mac & cheese, all concocted by Co-Owner Chef Paul Malvone.

Either one you choose, will ship all over the Continental US… FOR freaking FREE!

They ship Monday-Wednesdays and each BurgaBox will arrive 1-2 days from the shipping date, all over the Continental US… FOR freaking FREE!

The "Cheat Day Champion" box.

How was it?

My fiancé and I got our box, unpacked it all the fresh ingredients, and got to work making our meal. Thank gawd the box comes with easy-to-understand instructions, because, as I mentioned before, we are NOT cooks. But, if two total kitchen klutzes like us can cook and assemble all the ingredients, ANYONE CAN! Seriously, I even make french fries for the first time in my life… AND THEY WERE AWESOME! The burger was also far far better than anything the two of us should be able to create… the like UNBELIEVABLY good.

I have never made fries in my life AND THEY WERE AWESOME!

And now you can try it out with a special discount:

Offbeat Discount:

Offbeat Homies can enter the code OFFBEAT15 and take 15% off your first BurgaBox purchase! So follow your growling stomach's orders and get your amazing dinner in a box ASAP!

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