Lauryn's half maternity, half boudoir pregnancy photos

June 13 2013 | offbeatbride  
Photos by: BG Productions
All photos by BG Productions.

It has literally been YEARS since we featured boudoir maternity photos on the site — the last two are right here — so I was pumped when this submission from BG ProductionsThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them landed in our inbox! If they seem familiar, it's because the whole of the Empire loves these guys (you might have seen them on Bride earlier this week!). Here's what photographer Cathie had to say:

Lauryn wanted something different for her maternity shoot that would reflect that she isn't like everyone else. Lauryn and her husband Jordan have a really artistic, funky side that one wouldn't know just by "judging" their outside appearance. We have really gotten to know this adorable couple over the past couple years as we were their wedding photographers and videographers. So when she approached me about doing a maternity/boudoir shoot and then incorporating Jordan into some funny "OMG we are parents!" moments and some sweet portraits together, I was totally excited. She didn't want the normal, pregnant woman in a field wrapped in a white sheet.

Cathie asked Lauryn how she felt about the session, and here's what she told her:

I have always wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot, but, like most women, wanted to be in the best shape possible before getting in front of the camera in my skivvies. Well, I set a goal for myself to get in shape both for the purposes of doing a sexy photo shoot, and to be at a healthy weight for becoming pregnant, but surprise! I was fortunate enough to become pregnant during the first month of trying. Absolutely thrilled at the prospect of my husband and I being parents, I embraced my new body and contacted the fabulous photographer who took photos at my wedding a year prior, and we set up a boudoir maternity shoot.

Although I am a bit of an exhibitionist in my own right (let's just say I take Alanis Morrisette's lyrics about "walking around naked in your living room" to heart), Cathie helped to make sure I really felt at ease during the shoot. Couple my craziness with her enthusiasm, what resulted was a fun, amazing experience that I will always treasure — and the pictures are phenomenal!

Many thanks to BG Productions and Lauryn for sharing these with us — if you have your own submission you want to share, you can send us photos or a link right here!

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  1. WOW! seeing this post, LOVING Lauren and Jordan as much as we do, re-reading what she wrote, and not realizing you dont get many maternity/boudoir features (coupled with already getting so much mad love from Offbeat this week)- honestly brought tears to my eyes. I am so BLESSED to have the job I do and thanks so much for sharing this totally gorgeous and fearless woman!! now if that damn baby would just come! lol

  2. Is wolf-whistling inappropriate? How about "Hot mama!" I'm loving those eye contact photos. Kudos for embracing the sexy side of pregnancy!

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing – these are beautiful! I also had a boudoir shoot while pregnant (at 4 months). I wanted my rockin' boobs on record before they changed too much more with motherhood. HA.

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