Check out what Meagan Moore is making with reclaimed paper from the backs of old books

November 7 2014 | meggyfin
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Vintage Fine Art Story Prints Endpapers

I didn't even need to see our sponsor Meagan Moore's art to fall in love with her. She had me at this email…

One of my favorite things about Offbeat Home & Life is how many unique stories are shared. That's always my favorite part about sharing my artwork! I create drawings with a unique vintage feel, and they leave the door wide open for all kinds of stories.

Meagan's art is just as lovable as she is. Her new series is called "endpapers," because each drawing could be the last page of a story. As she puts it, "It's up to you to decide what came before." The original pieces are drawn and typed on blank, reclaimed paper from the backs of old books. (It just keeps getting more and more awesome, right?)

Homies, you have no idea how awesome it can get. Come take a peek, pick your faves, and then take advantage of her special upgrades just for you!

Vintage Children Play Umbrella

Vintage Little Girl Adventure Off She Went

Meagan uses a printing process she discovered that allows her to reproduce her drawings on the actual reclaimed paper (rather than a scanned color reproduction). Unlike a lot of reproductions, Meagan's not only look awesome, but every print is still completely unique.

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT #1: From now until December 7, 2014, Meagan is offering her fellow Homies free, unlimited upgrades from the $18 archival print to the $36 Artist Print. To get your special discount, order an Archival Print and then put the words, "This Homie wants an Artist Print" in the notes to the seller at checkout.



Meagan's Artist Prints can be ordered with custom text — a chance to tell your own special story! I totally want that awesome drawing of a dog shaking — she looks a lot like my Peezu girl! Although, if "she" happened to be a "he," I could have Meagan change the wording — or replace it with completely different text!

OFFBEAT UPGRADE #2: From now until December 7, 2014, Homies that want this custom text option should order the Artist Print of their choice, and then put "This Homie wants a custom message!" in the notes to the seller, followed by the words they'd like it to say.

Vintage Granny Pirate Tea Toast


I spent FOREVER just staring and sighing at all Meagan Moore's prints. I fell so in love with a select few of them, that I'm getting one for myself and one for everyone else on my holiday gift list.

With Meagan's prices starting at $4, and her generous discounts, you can also get one for everyone on YOUR list. I mean… when it comes to Meagan Moore's prints, I think this bear says it all…

Vintage Teddy Bear Worth It

Meagan Moore's generous upgrade deals only last for a month, and December 14th is the last day to guarantee delivery before Christmas. So you better get your orders in ASAP!

  1. Couldn't stop myself from buying the bear and the girl in a boat. I can't wait for them to come in! I'm usually too cheap to buy anything from the sponsored posts.

  2. Oh my god. I'll be honest, I may end up not buying anything simply because I cannot CHOOSE! They are all so amazing! And I can't decide which would be for me, and which would be for friends and family! What a wonderful sponsor post! Thank you!

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