UNEXPECTED TUTUS: How Tutu Girl wants to get a tutu on everyone

October 19 2012 | offbeatbride
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Your child can totally wear a Birthday tutu from Tutu Girl AND rock a ninja stance!
Do you love a good reason to let your kid bust out their favorite swatch of rainbow tulle and wear it all day? Enter our new sponsor Tutu Girl and their Birthday Tutus! Tutu Girl is all about tutu inclusivity: they want to see tutus on everyone, everywhere, all the time. A lot of people usually think "dance class" and tutus are synonyms — but Tutu Girl is all about challenging that assumption.

And why not? Tutus can be worn over jeans to school, for dress up, or just for a day out — the more unexpected the destination, the better. If your kid's school picture day outfit is missing a special something, put a tutu on it. With options like rainbows and polka dots, every kid can rock these puffs!

Tutu Girl is especially proud of their Birthday Tutu Outfits, which I totally get — flouncing around in a glittery blue and pink concoction sounds like a kickass way to celebrate! Each tutu is completely custom-made, meaning you and your kid can play costume designer and nerd out on embellishments together. If you're starting to get sliiiiightly jealous of the small child set, teens and adults can totally order tutus from Tutu Girl. Here's how…

Designing a custom tutu with Tutu Girl is super easy — simply hop over to the customs order page to begin the process. You'll need to have the tutu length, waist size, color(s), and embellishments picked out (all options are available for your perusal here). Once you send over your info, a member of the Tutu Girl team will get back to you with a price quote!

Of course Tutu Girl isn't limited to only tutus — they also sell leg warmers, diaper covers, and headbands. So if you wanna coordinate your kid's tutu with a headband YOU CAN.

Tutu Girl is offering Offbeat Mama readers $5 off an order of $50 when you use the code tg550 at checkout!

So which is your favorite: the Strawberry Shortcake tutu? Or maybe the fancy zebra option? OR better yet: what would your dream Tutu Girl tutu look like? Head over to Tutu Girl and check out your options!

Editor's note: this post was edited on October 19, 2012 based on reader comments.

  1. Maybe they could start by putting tutus on little boys. :)(The website is a little bit gender oriented! There's a section for dogs, but not for boys, haha. I find this very funny, no harm intended!)

    4 agree

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