BabyList is the all-encompassing gift registry that even the child-free will love

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Look y’all, I know nothing about babies (except how they’re made — OHHHHH!). But I know that when it comes to the world of baby registries, there are two main options that I’ve had to endure: Either taking my chances and hand-picking an item in a store full of children and tiny clothing in all kinds of weird sizes (what the hell is a 2T!?). Or using a redeem-as-cash registry online, which, while super-convenient doesn’t feel as exciting as being all “Ooh! Here’s a pair of pink pirate booties.”

Our sponsor BabyList is the perfect hybrid between the two — not as frightening as going into a store, and more personal than straight-up cash.

In fact, here are the eight reasons that both baby havers and baby shoppers will love BabyList…

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1. Add anything from any online store to your baby registry. This means everything from big boxes to little mom ‘n’ pop Etsy shops

2. You can even add gifts that you can’t find in stores. BabyList makes it easy to include requests for help and favors in your registry, like a home-cooked meal or babysitting.

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3. Save gift-givers money — I know from my online wish lists that prices can fluctuate a lot between the time you add items and when someone buys it. BabyList will show links to multiple stores that have the same item, so you gift-giver won’t end up paying too much.

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4. Access a registry on the go with their iPhone, iPad app, or Android app. (And check out those reviews. That’s a lot of love from real users, which means that’s an app that actually works!)

5. Registry completion discounts at participating stores.

6. You can talk to a real person — send ’em an email (or call) and BabyList will respond. They’re serious about customer service (seriously, here’s their founder’s email: [email protected]).

7. Free registry insert cards. BabyList makes it easy to drop a registry insert card in with your shower invitation, which makes it easy for your friends and family to find your registry.

8. Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to WIN a complete baby registry from BabyList by clicking here.

Now go set up your BabyList registry, your friends and family will thank you, and you can just sit back and watch all the baby stuff roll in.

As always, super-warm fuzzies and tons of thanks to BabyList for sponsoring Offbeat Home & Life!

Comments on BabyList is the all-encompassing gift registry that even the child-free will love

  1. THANK YOU. I’ve been looking for a hybrid like this. As much as I want all my friends family members to Craigslist and home-make gifts, I also have to realize that everyone lives near a Target. I can’t wait to try this out. I especially love the option to “homecook meals” or more abstract gifts that you can’t really put on a traditional list – I absolutely want people to not think they have to buy me baby stuff in order to still be a supportive friend! Awesome work, OBs!

  2. I absolutely love this. The ability to include more abstract gifts is brilliant
    Some close friends had a baby and I made some home cooked meals( props to you guys on the recipe ideas I got from my featured question)
    When things had settled down the parents told me it was a great idea and they would have loved more people to do this for them, but they felt uncomfortable asking others to give up their time to make them food
    Using a list like this makes it easier to ask for meals, help cleaning, walk our dog etc. type gifts. People can decide if they want to buy the cute rainbow jumper or provide some of the less conventional gifts
    For me this is also a great idea for people who may not have the cash to buy a present by showing them that bringing my dog for a walk is just as much appreciated as a purchased gift

  3. This service totally fills a need. When I was pregnant with my twins 4 years ago I did the alternative registry for second hand cloths, pre-made meals, and hand me down cribs. But I also registered for a few new things too on Amazon and at Target. After the twins came 3 months early I updated the alternative registry with things we desperately needed for the NICU but didn’t update the amazon and target registry. People were getting confused by having 3 different registries that were updated at different times. This service would have made it so much easier.

  4. This post is *perfectly timed.* We’re just setting up the baby registry now, and this is perfect! THANK YOU!

  5. This is such a great way to communicate you want to use fabric diapers too! No baby yet but planning has commenced all the same.

  6. Does this sort of thing exist for wedding registries? Because I really, really don’t want to register at a bunch of big box stores, but I also know that that’s what is most convenient for some people in terms of gift giving (also what they may be most comfortable with). And this BabyList thing is basically exactly what I’d want in a wedding registry, only, you know, for weddings and not babies. I actually was talking about this exact idea with a friend the other day, about how convenient it would be to have a wedding registry along these lines.

  7. This is seriously awesome and perfect timing for me! Exactly what I was looking for in a baby registry! Just made mine and I’m really impressed so far. They even transferred all the items from my other registry over for me!

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