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Catherine Clark loiters at her local library, makes art, watches movies en masse, plays video and tabletop games, poorly cooks healthy things, cuddles with her feline fur babies, and blogs at

How to sculpt your own faux-taxidermied jackolope

I was inspired by the Offbeat Homies DIY challenge to create a papier-mâché unicorn. But unicorns aren’t really me and I don’t have the wall space for something that honkin’. I do, however, have a fondness for the weird and taxidermied wonder that is the mythical jack rabbit/antelope hybrid, the jackalope.

Make hot and spicy Sriracha salt

What you’re seeing above is a jar of spicy Sriracha salt from event designer Chandra Keel that would make a very useful culinary addition to your kitchen.

I’m a grownup who loves kid decor

Circo? Is that a kid’s brand? It had some circus-y merchandise around it, sure, but certainly I didn’t buy something aimed at kids again, did I? Yep, that’s my burden. To search the world for elephant-shaped mugs and eyepatch-wearing bird art. Hi. I’m Superman, and I buy children’s decor but have no children (that I know about).