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How to respond positively to weight loss without shaming other bodies

Does anyone have any advice/thoughts on how to respond when someone talks about losing weight and is seeking validation for it? Previously I would have felt like “You look great!” is an appropriate response and validation for their hard work. But now I feel like that is saying that something was wrong with how they previously looked and shaming fat/bigger bodies, or pre-shaming in the future if they gain the weight back. Is there a good way to respond positively to weight loss?

Holy shit, this single use appliance: The pizza box pizza oven!

In which I share with you this ridiculous single use appliances that I can’t believe exists, but I’m so glad that it does, and apparently it is awesome:
This pizza oven that is shaped like a pizza box!

One clip-on chandelier with endless style

Apparently Pottery Barn Teen used to sell this really cool “Compose-It Chandelier.” But the super-crafty LolliePatchouli saw it in a magazine and had her “sweet and talented man build one at a price we could afford.” And she has been having fun re-styling it for almost every season for years now.

Simple Vitamix recipes for blending newbs

We got two Megan-simple cooking appliances from our wedding registry. I already talked about how much the Instant Pot rocks. But I have to say, I love our Vitamix (the one with the idiot proof soup, smoothie settings) EVEN MORE! It’s incredibly Megan-simple. I’ve made soups, smoothies, and acai bowls.

I’ll totally show you my favorite Vitamix recipes if you show me yours!

Ridiculous dorm decor no one needs, but you’ll want anyway

I need these poop emoji coasters like emojis needed their own movie. But now that I’ve seen them, I really really want them. I feel like if I was still living with a bunch of dudes in college, they’d be perfect. In fact, the rest of these ridiculous home decor items would look great for your going back to school shopping…

My new obsession: Gigantic beach blankets shaped like food!

Remember just about every summer when I freak out about amazingly ridiculous rafts? Well, once this one got made, I realized that nothing will ever be better than that. So now I have a new obsession: Gigantic beach blankets shaped like food!

Now let’s feast on delicious beach blankets…

The most ’80s room of all time (time after time)

Hold the phone! (The landline kind — you know, the one that’s wall-mounted and has one of those extra long cords?) I found THEE MOST ’80s ROOM OF ALL TIME. This room looks like it should be a set of an (early era MTV) music video. Or maybe a set piece from Earth Girls Are Easy. It shocked me to my core and then rocked me all night long, because it was so unexpected!

Extended stay hotel hacks to make your room feel more like home

Because of my husband’s job we spend a lot of time living for months out of hotels. We’ve “lived” in Vancouver and Morocco and now we’re in Atlanta. Over time I’ve figured out a few hotel hacks for making your hotel feel more like your home. I’ve started to do a lot of things differently when I travel (which I’ll get to), but so far my biggest tip is this one…