Sherlock, parenting books, citizen lobbyists, and Miley Cyrus?! — altdotlife is an forum for all facets of female life

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Women! Lend me your ears! If you’re looking for a close-knit online forum community to complement your time with us here at the Offbeat Empire, our sponsor altdotlife might be your new best friend. We’re talking a fun and supportive online community, with topics ranging from Sherlock (mmmm) to sleep training (we know with Offbeat Families shutting down, some of you are on the hunt for a new place to talk parenting). There’s lively debate, thoughtful reflection, and pithy thread topics. You know… what we all like to read while we’re taking a coffee/internet breaks at work, ammiright?

Let’s see what they’re talking about over on altdotlife


Here’s the scoop on the types of women with whom you could be making connections (people like you, who are looking for support, information, and are totally willing to reciprocate) straight from altdotlife founder, Reidy Brown:

Family: our community includes members of single-parent-by-choice families, poly families, lesbian families, child-free families, cis-gendered families, families with one, two, and many kids, and people who are child-free and un-coupled. We love the diversity and the different world views our members bring to the community.

Career: we’ve got teachers, lawyers, social workers, software engineers, academics, stay-at-home parents, writers, entrepreneurs, and artists.

Nationalities: our community is international. Many of us are in the U.S., but we’ve also got people from many other countries, such as New Zealand, Italy, Thailand, the U.K., and Mongolia.

Political viewpoints: our members are staunchly feminist, progressive, politically active, and engaged with the world.


Or check out some of these threads:


With all that awesome in one spot, altdotlife has some serious fangirls. And we’ve got some recommendations straight from them:

ADL has everything. Seriously. When I decided to buy a new mattress, I came straight to ADL and found recommendations and anti-recommendations. When I was taking the bar, there was a thread of people doing the same thing. There’s always the information I need. But, once I’ve got that information, I’m not surrounded by JUST the mattress stuff or JUST the bar stuff. I can go see what Portland ladies are up to, who’s read a good book, what’s interesting in the news, and make internet friends.

I love the cool, smart women. I love the supportive environment. I love the humor. Did I say I love the smart women? I am so impressed by the women who belong to this community.


I should mention that altdotlife is a totally free community, so there’s no risk in heading over and seeing if it’s a fit for you. Whether you’re at home with a baby, starting a new job, struggling with family issues, or just need some humor during the work day, check out altdotlife and find your own niche community of kick-ass chicks!

Comments on Sherlock, parenting books, citizen lobbyists, and Miley Cyrus?! — altdotlife is an forum for all facets of female life

  1. Huzzah! I’m thrilled to see a suggestion from one of my favorite sites for a forum community.

    EDIT: Oh. I know I’m going to love ’em. The feature on their main page is about their October/Fall fashion thread. A thread that addresses cute styles, AND body-image AND consumerism AND practicality AND “fluff”?

  2. After OffBeat Families shut down, I wondered if there was another forum or site the Offbeat empire might recommend for anything missing from our daily Offbeat__ doses. Glad for this rec!

  3. Are there any such things out there for alt families that are inclusive for men and trans* folk? I mean.. I know Offbeat used to have Offbeat Mamas that got changed to Offbeat Families. What prompted that change, and how can we persuade more spaces to be like that?

  4. Ooh
    Gonna have to check this out.
    I am so over the baby mama drama of all the parenting forums I have found

  5. Crazy – I just discovered the site earlier this week when I was looking up natural ways to increase my fertility. I’ll have to look around it some more!

  6. HURRAY! I found out I was pregnant about 5 months ago, and started hitting Offbeat Families hard. I was so bummed when it closed down, although I love Offbeat Home. I’ve checked out other parenting/mom forums and they just seem like disasters – drama and judgments and preconceived notions, oh my! Super excited to find another off-the-beaten-path forum. Thanks!

  7. I was super excited about signing up until I scanned down the blog and read the aggressively pro-vaccination post (“do you know what you’re really saying? “Vaccination is risky. You do it instead. My kids are more valuable than yours.””) and then I had to close the window and walk away from the computer to calm down instead of signing up.

    I probably will go back and sign up and just know that I need to stay away from vaccine conversations, but… it was definitely a shock considering this ad portrayed them as a supportive non-judgmental website, and possibly a clue that it’s not a community I’ll feel comfortable in.

    (Just for the record I don’t consider myself anti-vaccine–my 2 year old is almost caught up with most of them. It was just the tone of the blog post that caught me off guard and made me feel super defensive.)

    • Yeeeeah I read that post too and was really surprised at what I was reading…I closed it after reading it half-way through and decided I wasn’t about to agree with everything I read on this site. Everything else has been much more palatable though…

    • Having been an altdotlife member for years (and a reader of offbeat bride/family etc for years too, I’m not just coming over here from no where!) I’d recommend starting a delayed vax thread (indicating you’re starting it for alt schedule vaxing parents, not debate). There are loads of members who use different schedules, and loads of us don’t live in the US so don’t have the same shots anyway.

      There is a strong “thinking for yourself” culture on the forum. There’s also a handy “Ignore thread” feature. 🙂 If you do come over, I hope you find the cohorts and threads that look more awesome to you.

  8. “You know… what we all like to read while we’re taking a coffee/internet breaks at work, ammiright?”

    Yep! Doing that right now! Thanks for linking to this from the Empire post today. Totally checking this out especially for Mama type talk.

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