Wrap, pin, and win: an edgy zipper headband

Photo via Stars for Streetlights
Photo used with permission of Stars for Streetlights

This tutorial from mega-talented DIY blogger Stacie over at Stars for Streetlights is the epitome of easy-peasy DIY with big impact. Two ingredients + one step = edgy and awesome headband.

Here's what you need (yep, that's it):

Photo used with permission of Stars for Streetlights

A 24" (61 cm) zipper should work for most heads, and they come in lots of colors. I found blue, pink, gold, white, and black in just a quick search on Amazon.

Photo used with permission of Stars for Streetlights

Wrap, pin, win. Check out more crafts and DIY projects over at Stars for Streetlights.

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  1. Personally, all I can think of is ripping my hair out on those metal teeth. Eek!

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    • I am sitting here feeling sympathy pains imagining that curly hair getting caught in the zipper teeth – especially if someone thinks they are being amusing by zipping up your headband for you!
      Maybe some invisible stitches to stop the zipper piecevfrom moving might help some of my fears!

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  2. For a more permanent, I think I would sew a piece of elastic or something and attach the two back edges. Bobby pins tend to slip out place for me, but I LOVE this look and love headbands ­čÖé

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    • I agree! Super cute idea, but I think I would spend the entire day fiddling with it if it was just bobby-pinned on.

  3. Looks cute. Knowing me and how things get caught in my hair, I would sew a backing on it first to preserve the open zipper look but protect my hair.

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