How do you guarantee a white Christmas?

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By building a homemade snow machine…

This Instructable has all the info, if you want a DI-White Christmas.

  1. O.O

    YES! I'm forwarding this to the mister. Ohio weather be damned – our lawn will be white.

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    • This!! This exactly! Just moved to southern Ohio from northern Michigan. It's currently 55 degrees outside and raining. I WILL have a white Christmas!!!!

  2. A number of years back, NewMindSpace ( planned a mass snowball fight in a city park in Toronto. They thought they had the city's approval, and bought a snowmaking machine. Then when they went to start making snow, they found out that they weren't allowed.

    It was too late to cancel the event, so when people turned up there wasn't enough snow of the right type for snowballs, but it quickly turned into a sledding party, as people slid down the hill on just about anything they could find. It started out with old bits of cardboard, but eventually there was an upside picnic table going down the slope. It was a lot of fun.

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