Vintage circular home in Illinois

Photos courtesy of Redfin.
We've seen geodesic domes, yurts, and yomes on Offbeat Home, but I think this is our first circular home. This restored vintage gem was designed by award-winning architecture firm Keck and Keck in Highland Park, Illinois (near Lake Michigan). This house has been contemporarily restored on the inside, but it still has the unique distinction of being built completely around a pool with a retractable roof.

And if you've got a cool $1,475,000 and are looking for the coolest home in Illinois, this unique home could be yours!

Yeah, it's pretty awesome. See for yourself…

Front entrance with awesome floating shelves.
The dining room. You can really see how this house is basically a donut shape with a pool in the middle and pretty lawn all around.
The tv room with the tv built-in to the wall.
Here's another sitting area with fireplace that backs up to a swanky bar.
I'm guessing the fireplace is two-sided and one of the four bedrooms is on the other side.
For privacy's sake, the bathroom doesn't have a pool view.
Here's another bedroom with floor to ceiling windows. I love how they used that artwork as a headboard.
Here's the contemporary kitchen with a big-ass island.
And finally, the super-awesome pool!
This aerial view shows what the retractable roof looks like when it's closed. Indoor pool!

Circular homes built around pools are awesome! Does anyone else know of other circular homes in their 'hoods?

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  1. I love this so much. But I can't even imagine the maintenance on the retractable roof. But RETRACTABLE ROOF. How freaking amazing.

    There's an octagonal house near me and I'd LOVE to see the inside one day.

  2. oh my! that's amazing! and some of the furniture is totally lust worthy too!

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  3. The closest thing I can think of is an octagonally shaped Victorian house in West Gardiner, Maine.

    • Jaime-there's one in wiscasset and west alna too. I've thought of stopping to ask to see when I drive by for a quick looky-loo.

  4. My husband and I have always fantasized about a house with the middle cut out, but for a garden instead of a pool. I never considered a round house, though.

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  5. i had a friend who used to live in a round house, somewhere near sparta, MI. it was pretty sweet but he said it was a pain to furnish because none of the walls were straight.

  6. You know, this is exactly the house that I always try to build in the sims. Except that it is hard to build a round house in the sims, so I usually end up with the same concept, but in a rectangle.
    It's so cool! I totally want to live there.

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    • Oh man….the sims. I always would just rosebud the shit out of the game and then have millions of dollars to build a sweet ass house.

      I wish I could use the rosebud code and buy this house T_T

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  7. There is a two-story (maybe another small story on top of that) OCTAGONAL house near where I used to live in Cambridge, MA. On Aberdeen Ave. I would stare wistfully at it every time I walked by. I've always wanted to see the inside!!

  8. My friend owns the octagonal house a block up our street. It's a much more modest home than this one, though. It feels surprisingly "normal" inside–its shape doesn't really impact the layout as much as you'd think.

  9. My fiance's grandparents have a circular home with pool in the middle designed by their son. The rooms are a little cramped and weird, though.

  10. I have seen round beach houses (on stilts) in Topsail, NC and the Cape Hatteras, SC. No pools in the middle, but they're definitely pretty common down there, have never been in one though. pretty neat!

  11. Another awesome circular house is the Ford House in Aurora, IL. It's owned by an architecture professor in Chicago and is the coolest little guy ever. It's inconspicuously located in a regular suburban block partially obstructed from the street view. I got to take a tour in college and it was so neat. Here is a Flickr album posted in a public album:

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