Luckiest kid in the world has a bedroom built of LEGO

When you need to add a space for your kid in your one-bedroom condo, what do you do? How about adding a loft made of LEGO blocks? It's a very tiny building material, and it makes for a super cool custom bedroom you've got to see to believe.


How to hang a picture without losing your deposit

Let's Learn a Thing today! I hear a lot of comments on Offbeat Home about the difficulty people have with hanging things, so i'mma put on my Housewife hat and lay it all out for you: how to hang art on notoriously-difficult plaster walls OR! how to break the rules of your lease the smart way. (If you do it right, no one will know!)


Wallpaper innovation: paint under it, tear it off, make it your own

Design firm ZNAK made me think about wallpaper in a whole new way. Never thought I'd say that; it kind of seems like wallpaper has gone through all possible iterations. At least until, you know, it starts changing in response to our moods or the weather or the size of our bank accounts or something.

So what'd they do?