How can I hide my ugly-ass wallpaper?

I live in a small, cute, mobile home in the country. The main problem concerning my home is the horrible interior walls. The trim screams "these walls are stapled together" and the wallpaper is bold in a way I can't appreciate for the next numerous years. What can I do to cover press board paisleys and fix the tacky trim?


A fully-pimped Star Wars room in a penthouse

Curbed ran a little highlight of an almost-$6-million-dollar apartment in Manhattan with three bedrooms — one of which is a fully pimped ode to Star Wars. This thing comes complete with full wall-and-ceiling starscapes, a large model of the Millenium Falcon, and shockingly-cute accessories that make the whole place look chic, not at all weird.


Wallpaper innovation: paint under it, tear it off, make it your own

Design firm ZNAK made me think about wallpaper in a whole new way. Never thought I'd say that; it kind of seems like wallpaper has gone through all possible iterations. At least until, you know, it starts changing in response to our moods or the weather or the size of our bank accounts or something.

So what'd they do?