How I created a winning house offer, even though I was outbid by $32K!

The horror stories of pals who had put in ten offers on ten different homes, only to be repeatedly outbid by up to $100K, sounded exhausting and terrifying all around. Once we came upon the perfect house, I knew this offer had to BLOW MINDS. I burned up my Google search engine with "creative house offers" but nothing really resonated. So I created an infographic to express what we loved about the house and how we imagined ourselves living in it…


Get your foot snuggles on with these nerdy, light-up, and heated slippers

For cold, dreary nights, you need a solid pair o' slips. And when you can look chic geeky as hell at the same time, even better. Here are 30 of favorite geeky, light-up, and heated slippers to warm your tootsies in classy-ass style. Keep an eye out for 8-bit Nintendo, Star Wars, Doctor Who, dinosaurs, emojis, and Hobbit feet.