I'm an accidental stay-at-home mom, and I want to hear your success stories

I think I'm going to be an accidental stay at home mom! I would really like to hear any tips from offbeat stay at home parents about making it through the day without losing your (highly educated, formerly highly valued) mind. Most of what I seem to be able to find online doesn't resonate with me as full time parenting isn't necessarily my calling. I'm struggling with the monotony of cooking, cleaning, crafts, walks, library etc, and I've only been at it for four months!

Confronting the terror of being a stay-at-home parent

The terror did not actually strike me immediately. Immediately I was too moon-eyed and sleep-deprived to know what was going on. But slowly, as each day folded back onto itself, as Willow and I both fumbled through our still-awkward dance of deciphering our respective rhythms, I realized that something has fled.