Old fashion chicken and noodle soup without the work

I love cooking, but I'm also a graduate student in the tiniest of apartments. Neither of which are conducive to homemade meals. On the other hand, canned soups tend to have too much sodium for me. I have finally found a recipe that not only tastes amazing, but requires very little work.


Megan-simple slow-cooked pea and ham soup

There are a zillion ways to adapt this recipe (which I'll explain later), but at its most basic it is dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, sugar-free, nut-free; pretty much everything-free except meat. So it's a great soup for families with multiple allergies, or for when you're hosting someone and you're not sure exactly what they can eat.


Magical sickness-fixing pureed celery soup

The only good thing about getting sick is that my husband always makes me this awesome celery soup. I can make a mean soup from scratch (it's kind of my thing) but nothing compares to his magical sickness fixing celery soup. It sounds odd, looks kind of gross and has the consistency of applesauce but it tastes amazing.


Cauliflower soup as alternative to potato soup

I discovered cauliflower soup when I was looking for a healthier alternative to one of my go-to winter meals, potato soup. Cauliflower has fewer calories than potatoes, so using it as a substitute drops the total caloric content of your soup by three quarters. Calories aside, it also has fewer carbohydrates than potatoes, so the soup doesn't leave you feeling bloated and ready for a nap afterwards. Plus, it's good for people who can't have dairy because you don't need milk. Vegans can swap out the butter and stock for their preferred substitute.


Butternut squash soup with seared cod

Growing up, I never ate butternut squash, but my husband did. Two glorious years ago he introduced me to the oddly shaped veg. We became friends.

Today I have to share with you a wonderful soup and fish combo. It sounds weird, but looks and tastes delightful.