Awesome, ethical fine jewelry pieces to invest in

I would like to buy a few pieces fine jewelry — and I'm willing to save up for them — but I also have strong ethical concerns about the industry. Where can I find semi-fancy to fancy ethical (non-wedding) jewelry?


The ultimate treasure hunt: My 5 secrets for thrift store shopping

Going shopping at the thrift store is like the ultimate treasure hunt. I buy most of my clothing, furniture, and home décor items used from second hand stores. Not only does it save me a ton of money but it's great for the environment as it reduces waste. Here are my best tips for thrift store shopping…

Vintage kid's clothing for almost every budget

I am a bit of a vintage fanatic, so it makes sense that my interest in clothing from other time periods extends to what I dress Jasper in. Etsy is always my first go-to for all things vintage and kiddos, but I recently found myself a little overwhelmed. To help out, I talked to vintage fashion guru Jenny Mitchell of Frecklewonder about some of her favorite vintage shops.

Crafty teens are rocking Etsy

The Internet has done some great things for teens — like giving them a place like Etsy to sell their eyeball pendants, bright blue plastic star earrings, and more.