Why having our family living in 730 square feet is our ideal scenario

"Well you'll have to move, of course" a close friend said to me the other day when I brought up our next adoption. She said it so confidently that I hated to disagree. This is easily the number one thing that people who know us bring up when the conversation turns to kids. I'm not surprised, because when we were in the middle of our first adoption process people said the same thing, or something similar.

Offbeat Empire at Geek Girl Con this October (+PARTAY!)

Friends, I've got some SUPER exciting news to share today: the entire staff of the Offbeat Empire will be doing a panel at the Geek Girl Con, a weekend-long event in in Seattle October 8-9, 2011! The con aims to celebrate all corners of geekitude — from science and tech to gaming and sci-fi to, yes, web nerds and our silly blogs!

The Offbeat Empire panel is called "Rocking the geek niche: Nerdiness is your superpower" and will feature staff from Offbeat Bride, Offbeat Mama, and Offbeat Home. And then we're having a huge party. LOTS more info over here.