Tour a tiny loft with an elevated bed

My house feels too big! After three days in a minimalist loft in Seattle, I'm thinking it's time to hoist the bed and use some of the ideas this small space sent home with me.

The Empire gathers in Seattle NEXT MONTH for a huge party and Geek Girl Con

You guys, Geek Girl Con is just a month away and I am stoked. Most of the Offbeat Empire staff will convene in Seattle, WA, meaning — I'll get to meet my cohorts and even better, we'll get to meet readers! If you're even considering coming out, read all the details on Ariel's big bad Con post. We'll have a panel on Sunday at the Con AND — and I'm a little frightened for this — a mad party that Friday night featuring nerdy burlesque, cupcakes, and some crazy karaoke. Please note: I do a mean karaoke interpretive backup dance.

Read up and make plans. I can't wait!


Log cabin contemplations: the history & the scheme

It was 1975 and my parents' "back to the land" impulses were in full swing. Although they had an infant (me) and were a geography professor and a nursing student (him, her) with no experience in construction or building (any of us), they decided to build a log cabin on Bainbridge Island, WA. My father, ever the researcher, read a bunch of books about the subject, and March of 1976 they broke ground on the 1000 square foot cabin I grew up in.

In 2011, I temporarily moved back in.