The ultimate how-to guide for home-dying a rainbow mohawk

I love experimenting with hair. From my teens I've generally had colour in it — starting with gentle rinses, up to bleached-bright shades, mohawks and shaven headed designs. With a helper, hair supplies, and an evening (it took us about four hours, including development time) you can become your own colour wheel.


Impress your cat with a DIY rainbow deck

Let this cat introduce you to the latest and greatest in deck make-overs. Homie BubblesLeFay uploaded this photo to our Flickr pool and I just had to squeeze more details from her. This is how you can pull off your own rainbow deck re-do:


Beige is the new rainbow: 5 reasons why you should probably tone down your decor palette (APRIL FOOLS!)

Have you guys noticed that lately everyone is OBSESSED with showing off how colorful their homes are? You know what I'm talking about — if I see one more photo of a super colorful living room or painted-against-the-lease-rules apartment, I actually might scream. Few design trends move to me the point of nausea (although octopi are getting close), but colorful living spaces might be it. Here are five reasons why you should go ahead and 86 all the color from your life and return your home to its intended state: beige.