Discovering decorating together: a support group for recovering nomads

While laying awake in bed one night, I realized why I find decorating my house SO FUCKING HARD: I haven't stayed anywhere long enough to learn how. Since that revelation, I've been teaching myself how to decorate, and here are the three points I've figured out on how to decorate a home — for someone who's had the nesting instinct beaten out of them by constant box shuffling.


9 ideas to bring fun and comfort back to the dorms

WHOO! SPRING SEMESTER! Time to party hard and go to class and study a lot and…trudge out of your last lab so tired you want to sleep forever…back home to your 10×10 cinderblock den with communal showers…and constant fire alarms. Okay, living in dormitories can get boring — even frustrating. I'm thinking back on those days and pulling out the cozy ways my roommate and I made our dorm a fun place to relax, even when schedules got tough: after she pulled another all-night at the hotel front desk or when I got done with my soul-crushing, puppy-killing job.


Unlock some inspiration to use keys as decor

I recently started going to auctions and this time brought home a big basket full of vintage and not-so-old keys. I love the look of them and would like to do something more creative than display them in a bowl. Most of the ideas I've found are crafts to do with little kids.

It will take a few years to grow any craft-aged kids, so what can I do now that will reinvent these keys?