Create a dressing table from two shelves and four baskets

The best Ikea hacks are the ones that make you slap your forehead and go, "DUH! OF COURESE." We call these "Basket moments," and this one is more literal, since it involves baskets. Specifically: Two wall-mounted shelves + four baskets + a mirror = dressing table with no table necessary! Perfect for a tiny home and a limited budget.


Store your spaghetti in a Pringles can

So, you open the spaghetti box. You use half the pasta, and then try to close the box, but every time you reach into the cabinet it threatens to slide out, because pasta boxes aren't really meant to be resealed. And then you realize HOLY FUCK. I can store my unused spaghetti in this Pringles can!


HomeMint: Justin Timberlake, home decor, and "encompassing masculinity"

If you're an aging unabashed Justin Timberlake fan like myself, then you surely noted the launch last week of his new home decor collaboration, HomeMint. Despite not quite being their demographic, I totally still entered the contest to win a trip to LA to hang out with JT and Estee. We can talk color swatches and I can try to convince them rainbows are fucking awesome. I also followed HomeMint on Pinterest, where this doozy of a pin showed up, with the caption "Encompassing masculinity"…


12 constellation projects, products, and pretties that bring the night sky inside

Oh, how we love the starry skies popping up all over the place lately. In artwork, in home products, in themed BEDROOMS! There is nothing more relaxing than a serene reminder of the skies over our heads. In an ideal world, we'd all have a skylight over our beds and fall asleep under the stars, but since that's not feasible let's see how else we can catch a few stars for ourselves.