What Buddhism can teach you about cleaning up cat hair

It's Sunday morning at 7 a.m., and I'm up with unexpected energy. I lay out my yoga mat and sun salute to plank position. And this is when it happens. A tumbleweed of cat hair the size of a small muffin bounces past my face. But here's the thing: I vacuumed last night! I lunge back into a child's pose of despair and debate interrupting my practice to vacuum.


We're about to spend two months road-tripping with our baby

I'm about to embark on a two-month road trip with my husband, seven-month-old baby, and our two 90-pound dogs. We'll be living out of our car and tent hiking and camping across the United States. We decided to test the boundaries of what having a baby in your life means and want to introduce him to the world early. My husband and I used to travel in our car for a couple months at a time (pre-baby), so why stop now?


Susan Sabo Photography: Long Beach family photography that keeps it real

You might remember our sponsor Susan Sabo Photography as the vendor who kicked off the great conversation we had about cultural appropriation after I interviewed her last year. Then again, you might not remember, and you're just blown away by her photos, wondering how you can get her to capture your family. Long Beach, California families get excited: Susan Sabo has pulled the plug on the wedding side of her biz and now exclusively snaps families and kids, and she wants to meet you.