How to throw a Bill Murray party

If you follow Offbeat Home & Life on facebook, you may have seen that I was creating a Fantastic Mr. Fox costume for a Bill Murray-themed birthday party. Many of you asked to learn more about throwing a Bill Murray party. So I asked the birthday boy himself to let you in on the secrets to throwing a kick-ass Bill Murray party (is there any other kind of Bill Murray party?)…


The Shark Attackiversary: We use a brush with death as an excuse to throw a yearly party

In 2007 that guy I married was attacked by a tiger shark and survived! So every year, on the date of said attack, we throw Aaron a "Shark Attackiversary" party. It's much like a birthday party, except we celebrate the day Aaron didn't die instead of the day he was born. Since then I've really fallen in love with the idea of throwing a party that celebrates a traumatic life experience that you've overcome.


Throw this party: A Midsummer night's shindig

In the Northern Hemisphere, we're nearing the summer solstice. Balmy nights, cheerful crickets and dewy grass beg us to head outside and celebrate the season. Midsummer has its roots in Northern European cultures, though it's celebrated all over the world in some form or another, whether as a religious or secular holiday time. Some of the celebrations happen on the date of the actual summer solstice while others fall anywhere between June 19 and June 26. Want to host a Midsummer celebration? Here's some tips:


Throw this party: Eating the Dinosaur

Every couple of months, I do a "Book Optional Club." The thing is, no one ever reads the books. It's really just an opportunity to get together and eat and visit. Being a little OCD, I like a themed party to match the books. The book for this Book Optional Club party was Eating the Dinosaur, by Chuck Klosterman.