Moving announcements devoid of flowery language and sentimentality

New address notices are so often overlooked even though they're SO FUN to send. But most of them? They're all floral la-dee-da and decorative words about the warmth of home — which is great, but that might not feel right for you. Take a look at these ideas for cheeky (HA!) and less-than-usual moving announcements for your next move.


Making an event out of moving in together

After a year of dating, the girl of my dreams and I are moving in together. This will be our first time living with someone we are dating, and I was wondering if the Empire had any suggestions on ways we can make our apartment feel a little more special in the first few days?


Peacefully integrating my partner into my house

I had three years to settle into My Way before my then-fiance moved into my house. And we learned I'm not very good at sharing my space. After a very tense month of Mo walking on eggshells and me taking the brunt of the housework, I realized something needed to give… and that thing was me.